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Position: FS

School: Texas A&M

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 210lbs

40 Time: NA

Cone Drill: 7.25 sec

Vertical: 35″

225′ Reps: 13


Watts has the ability to flip the field at any given time. He has the unique skill to attack the ball whether in the air or in the opposing player’s arms. Two big factors in his game are his instincts and anticipation which allow him to recognize and cease certain opportunities. Watts is an aggressive player who does not wait for things to fall into his lap. He trusts what he sees and strikes.

He is an athletic football player. Watts has the range to make plays sideline to sideline, and he has the explosive quickness to break on a play. He has very fluid feet and hips which allow him to line up in multiple positions. He is effective in both man and zone coverage. Watts is also a sneaky run defender. He comes down hill weaving his way through traffic and taking good angles to make plays. Armani Watts is a playmaker.


Sometimes a player’s strength can also be part of their weakness, and Watts can be a big time gambler. Some of the plays he got away with in college will not go his way in the NFL. He has to be more efficient when it comes to taking risks. He will have to be more involved and put in more time when it comes to studying film. He has to know precisely when he can and can not take chances. It is not a guessing game anymore.

Also, he has to become more dependable in the run game. There are times he will choose when to wrap up or just throw himself at the defender. He has to be a more consistent tackler, and his effort can be questionable at times. His teammates need to know they can rely on him each and every play. The one time he decides to take a play off or guess, he will get exposed. Watts can be his own worst enemy.

How He Fits

A player like Armani Watts can go one of two ways in the NFL. He can be drafted with a team who will mold him into the player he can become, or he will be stagnant and become an average player. Mike Pettine will make sure Watts is put into a position to grow and succeed. Pettine is a big believer in focusing on a player’s strengths and minimizing weaknesses, and the Packers have the guys on defense to hold Watts accountable. He would be in a spot to make an immediate impact on the field, and he can learn film study off of the field from key veterans. The Packers are trying to put pieces together and build something special on defense. A playmaker who will get you the ball back is exactly what the doctor ordered.


2nd – 4th

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