Green Bay is rolling  into Lambeau South in Jacksonville, Florida. Hurricane Ida relocated a ruckus Packers fan base that would’ve wiped Bourbon St out of booze and self respect. Congrats to Jacksontrill on accepting a Packers contingency that came to showcase their passion and skill set. Aaron Rodgers looks to shush the erratic goombas by cleaning up against a hampered Saints secondary.

The Highs

Aaron would’ve been salivating at a dome experience to isolate mismatched coverage. Luckily for Green Bay, the Packer offense won’t experience a truly menacing crowd as the Superdome would’ve provided. With the Saints working in a replacement for sack menace Trey Hendrickson, New Orleans defense is expected to be on the ropes early chasing Aaron Rodgers precision.

Marcus Davenport and rookie Payton Turner to fill in as potential pass rushers. Missing wildabeast David Bakhtiari is a problem that Rodgers will be able to manage as long as the run game is exercised regularly. With Marshon Lattimore shaken up with a knee injury and the other corners wishing they played someone else week 1. With 280.5 as the bar to set Id assume the passing game is essential to success and QB1 eclipses the 300 yard mark with ease.

Rodgers: 3 TDs 375 yards

Aaron Jones

Aaron doesn’t have the luxury of Jamaal Williams to be his thumper anymore although he gets quadzilla to fill in for short yardage abs bulldog carries. Aaron Jones may have short yardage routes stolen by the addition of Randall Cobb which fills the Packers need for a true slot receiver.

Davante Adams

He’s expected 7.5 catches and 87.5 yards, I’d expect 5-6 catches for 100-120 yards. I would understate the catch bet and expect Adams RAC to solidify his 100+ hard performance. Adams doesn’t miss.

Bob Tonyan


The Lows

Packers defense

There’s going to be a learning curve with Joe Barry’s new installation and Jameis will find a way to chuck the rock in volume. Granted, New Orleans will be without star wideout Michael Thomas, the offense has world beater Alvin Kamara, the up and comers in Marquez Callaway, Tony Jones Jr. and a host of other talented skill players.


Currently Green Bay has fluctuated between 4.5 and 3.5 point favorites. I don’t see Jameis and the Saints moving the ball efficiently and the Pack takes advantage of monumental turnovers. Once the running game is abandoned for the New Orleans, expect Gary, Smith Bros and company to go mauler mode on anyone in their way.

Green Bay rolls 34-20

Go Pack Go!

Love from Jacksonville