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Just a note for RAS, since the Packers did switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 in January of 2009 and Thompson took over in 2005, there is a bit of an overlap of guys who played in GB’s 4-3 before Capers came in. To make things easier I listed all DL as defensive tackles on the RAS site. 4-3 defensive tackles have some what similar responsibilities to 3-4 defensive linemen. Anyone who was drafted as a defensive end before the switch over I will talk about in the next one with Edge players. Now on to the fun!

Defensive Linemen:

So for the Packers with defensive linemen they do not require elite athletes at this position. Majority of guys they have drafted have scored a 7.06 or higher. So not all uber athletes, but not exactly slow plodders either. The average RAS of every drafted defensive lineman since Ted took over is a solid 7.61. Now as far as bare minimums acceptable to the Packers. The lowest vertical was a 29″ oddly enough recorded by four different picks. Next would be the broad jump, the lowest would being an 8’6″. Now for the 40 – the slowest was a 5.45, but the next slowest was a 5.14. So I feel as if that 5.45 was a bit of an outlier. So lets go with the 5.14 and the lowest. Slowest short shuttle would be a 4.89. Now with the 3 cone drill the slowest was a 7.83 so I would start there as the bare minimum. If you average out all the workout numbers you get:  30.5″ vertical, 9’1″ broad jump, 5.08 40 yard dash, 4.61 short shuttle, and a 7.58 3 cone drill.

If you look at how the workout numbers break down there is no one guy who scores at or near the bottom in all categories. So it seems the Packers will be flexible with a lower or slower score here or there, but if a guy has a number of them, then he is probably off their board. I also counted Mike Neal in this group even though he ended his career with GB as a edge; since he was originally drafted as a 3-4 DE

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I will only be using guys drafted to play off ball linebacker. So no Nate Palmer or Carl Bradford even though they were eventually moved inside.

So the interesting thing about the Packers and “off ball” line backers is they haven’t drafted very many is this time frame. They have only drafted 10. Their RAS scores have been very middling as well. They average out to a 6.33. Which is very well…average. The scores range from all over the place as well from a low of .44 which is exceedingly low. All the way up to a 9.73. So they are kind of hard to nail down as far as RAS goes. They do tend towards middle to bigger backs in the 235lbs+ range. So all their RAS’s average out to a 6.33. Which is slightly above average.

As for the minimum athletic limitations the Packers will accept. DJ Smith scored exceptionally low, a .44, which is REALLY bad. It is also so much lower than anyone else I feel like you have to throw his numbers out. So the lowest vert would be a 31″. Lowest broad jump would be 9’0″. As for the 40, the lowest would be a 4.79. Short shuttle would be a 4.45 and 3 cone would be 7.18.

Now to the averages. The average vertical jump was a 33.5″. The average for broad jump would be a 9’9″. Their average 40 would be a 4.76. For the short shuttle it would be a 4.4. Finally 7.16 would be the average 3 cone. So in summation, they like linebackers who are decent sized and have at least average athleticism. They do kind of key on agility drills as with other positions; but it doesn’t seem like its a huge necessity.


Next part will be edge rushers and defensive backs!


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