Welcome to Part 2. If you haven’t read it yet read Part 1, follow the link.

In Part 1, I discussed how RAS relates to how the Packers draft, and evaluated a few positions on offense. Lets move on to a few more positions.


Offensive Line:

Offensive line is another position the Packers tend to find athleticism important. They do not draft offensive tackles below 6’4 and must have at least 33″ arms. As far as interior linemen go, they are a little more flexible. They do really like their interior guys to have tackle experience, as many have noticed. They have only drafted three interior linemen in the last 10+ years that did not have any tackle experience. The Packers value agility drills more than other drills, although overall athleticism is important to them. They also do not draft interior offensive linemen under 6’3.

On to the numbers. Lets start with explosion testing. Vertical jump and broad jump. The lowest vertical jump since Ted Thompson was Breno Giacomini with a 22.5 which is really low, especially compared to the other guys the Packers have drafted. I would count his as an outlier. The next lowest is 25 so I would say that would be the Packers bare minimum for a draftable guy. The lowest broad jump was 97 inches which works out to be 801 which is 8’01”. That would be the Packers minimum for that test. For 40 we have a 5.44 from Jason Spitz in 2006.

If you look at Ted’s draft history along the offensive line you see that he didn’t prioritize athleticism as much his first couple years. So after Spitz, the next lowest were two 5.33’s. I am not counting Hanson’s 5.5, because his profile is incomplete, and the 5.5 is so out of character for the Packers that it makes me think there is something up with it. So I would say that is probably the threshold for 40’s.

Now on to the agility drills, short shuttle, and 3 cone drills. The slowest short shuttle was a 4.88 from Cole Madison. 4.88 is really slow. So anything in the 4.8 range wouldn’t disqualify them, but I would certainly put it as a red flag. As for the 3 cone drill, the slowest was a 8.01. The next one was a 7.93. So anything in the 7.9-8.0 range I would say red flag. Anything below that and you are good. Anything above take them off the board.

Now to the averages to give you guys an idea of the Packers targets. Average for all the verticals is a 27″ rounded off. For the broad jump it would be 8’9″. The average 40 time would be a 5.22. Short shuttle average would be a 4.69. And finally the average 3 cone would be a 7.7

The RAS scores for every offensive lineman drafted since Ted are: 4.55, 6.82, 9.64, 9.45, 8.34, 9.74, 7.28, 7.94, 7.34, 6.85, 7.85, 9.5, 6.72, 9.19, 9.78, 9.82, 6.39, 9.59, 3.75, 9.44. For an average of….7.999 or 8.0. which shows how important overall athleticism is for the Packers on the offensive line.

Tight Ends:

With Tight ends oddly enough athleticism is not as important. The Packers have only drafted 7 Tight ends since Ted took over in 2006. The lowest vertical jump was a 27.5, but after that the rest were 31.5 or above so I would say that is a good starting point. Continuing on the lowest broad jump was 9’3″ after that was 9’4″ and above so 9’3″ would be a good bare minimum. The slowest 40 was a 4.87. The slowest short shuttle was a 4.57 and the slowest 3 cone was two 7.29’s. So to the averages. All the verticals averaged out to a 32″. For broad jump it comes out to 9’5″. Average of all the 40’s would be 4.8. For the short shuttle drill the average would be a 4.45. Finally the 3 cone gives you a 7.22.

Now for all the RAS scores. 6.42, 7.82, 6.29, 5.69, 4.57, 5.2, 6.69. For an average score of 6.1. Which is basically a little above average. Which shows how little athleticism is factored into their draft picks at Tight end.


Thanks for reading along. Part 3 will be defensive line and off ball linebackers.


Go Pack Go!