There are two things I always grew up believing to be true; American exceptionalism and that if you yell run the ball at your TV enough times the coach will listen. Kinda like Buddy the Elf spreading Xmas cheer but for football dumbasses. What an embarrassing performance across the pond. Had a substantial lead and squandered it by ignoring the run game and giving the Giants receivers a 10 yard headstart before actually covering them. At the point Giants tied it back up, they had doubled the Packers in rushing attempts despite losing for majority of the game by multiple scores.

Green Bay’s downfall has always been their unwillingness to adjust against their most glaring opportunity. If the opponent wants to beat the Packers all you have to do is run deep crossers and stick to the run game even if you’re losing by two scores.

Now the threat of losing back to back games against New York teams is on the horizon unless you manifest it according to QB1. Hopefully he can manifest some running plays for star RB Aaron Jones and his wrecking ball partner AJ Dillon.

The Jets have a plethora of talented guys on their roster. For years it was talented players chasing pay day on a dumpster team. This roster seems to be built on value draft picks paying off with a powerful RB duo in Michael Carter and rookie Breece Hall who just had 97 rushing with a TD and 100 receiving yards. Green Bay will have their hands full stopping the run.

As for the other headache for GB‘s defense, fast and quick receivers underneath. The Jets have the impressive Elijah Moore and another standout rookie in Garrett Wilson. Both wideouts have been inconsistent while having to get used to Joe Flacco and now Zach Wilson who is 2-0 since returning from injury. Corey Davis a former top 10 pick and versatile TE Tyler Conklin round out the depth of weapons for New York.

Green Bay has a tough task ahead of them to not underestimate another opponent and to put away teams when you have the chance.

Aaron Rodgers

Pass Attempts – o34.5 (-106) higher

Pass Completions – o23.5 (-114) lower

Passing Yards – o243.5 (-114) higher

Passing TDS – o1.5 (-186) higher

Aaron Jones

Carries – o13.5 (-103) higher

Rushing Yards – o63.5 (-124) higher

Receptions – o3.5 (+120) lower

Receiving Yards – o21.5 (-118) higher

AJ Dillon

Carries – o11.5 (-136) higher

Rushing Yards – o50.5 (-110) higher

Receptions – o1.5 (-173) higher

Receiving Yards – o12.5 (-110)higher

Allen Lazard

Receptions – o3.5 (-164) higher

Receiving Yards – o46.5 (-115) lower

Sauce Gardner matchup likely

Romeo Doubs

Receptions – o4.5 (+127) higher

Receiving Yards – o49.5 (-113) higher

Randall Cobb

Receptions – o3.5 (-132) higher

Receiving Yards – o38.5 (-115) lower

Bobby Tonyan

Receptions – o3.5 (+110) lower

Receiving Yards – o24.5 (-114) higher


After a disaster trip in London. Green Bay has to stay focused against a dangerous team. Teams have an option to take the bye after their London game and those that don’t, like Green Bay, typically suffer defensively the following week. Packers offense should be able to move the ball efficiently against a Jets defense that ranks middle of the pack or lower against every skill position. Green Bay had sluggish legs on defense after poor offensive drives forced the defense back on the field for extended periods. Mix travel with that and Sunday has the recipe for a close game.

Packers let inferior team hang around too long and win 31-23

Run the ball please