Green Bay was able to survive Week 4 despite an attempted coup by the Boston Patriots. Now their next opponent, the Giants of New York, are trying to peacock their prowess. Unfortunately for the Giants, if anybody loves room temp beers more than Wisconsinites its probably the Brits. Whatever day it is across the pond, the Packers fans will be in abundance filling pubs smelling like cheese and meat pies. Waking up for an 8:30am football game may throw off everyone’s system. In the best effort to be primed for kickoff, start drinking before bed so when you wake up, you have less work to do. Game will be done by noon, go to bed immediately, as nothing will be as good as a win for breakfast.

The Giants are coming off a run heavy win over the Chicago Bears where New York had to feature two different QBs and utilize RBs in direct snap to offset injuries. Chicago failed to score a TD settling for 4 FGs meanwhile the Giants only scores were FGs and two rushing TDs by their QB Daniel Jones. Chicago held New York to 82 yards passing. With such a run heavy script, Green Bay’s defense should be able to capitalize on the limited schematic approach. That was also the thought process last week before Bailey Zappe took advantage in between endless amounts of heavy formation runs that churned the Patriots down the field.

Green Bay’s biggest opportunity was their own execution. Rodgers was oddly inaccurate early and pass heavy until the final drive in OT that showcased the effectiveness of AJ Dillon against a tired defense. Rodgers will be by far the best QB that the Giants have faced.

Giants may be 3-1 going into Sunday although their opponents were;

the inconsistent Titans & Ryan Tannehill Week 1 with 5 combined FGs

Baker Mayfield & the Panthers in Week 2 with 8 combined FGs,

A loss to Cooper Rush & Dallas Cowboys in Week 3 with 6 combined FGs,

And the win over Chicago with 6 combined FGs

The London fans are going to go bonkers for all the expected FGs coming their way

Mason Crosby Kicking Points over 7.5 (-118)

Graham Gano Kicking Points over 5.5 (+100)

Total FGs: o2.5 (-220) o3.5 (+120) o4.5 (+280)

There is the London special for any soccer/futbol fans. Now for the real playmakers

Aaron Rodgers

Passing Attempts o32.5 (-105) Higher

Passing Completions o22.5 (+105) Higher

Passing Yards o231.5 yards (-115) Higher

Passing TDs o1.5 (-160) Higher

Giants are allowing 200 yards passing per game while only allowing 4th least average amount of attempts and 2nd fewest in average completions allowed. Playing the Bears lopsides these numbers so give Rodgers a boost. He has attempted 32.5 or more in 3 out of 4 games.

Aaron Jones

Rushing Attempts o12.5 (-143) Higher

Rushing Yards o60.5 yards (-114) Higher

Receptions o3.5 (+120) Lower

Receiving Yards o21.5 yards (-115) Higher

AJ Dillon

Rushing Attempts o13.5 (-114) Higher

Rushing Yards o53.5 yards (-115) Lower

Receptions o2.5 (+135) Lower

Receiving Yards o13.5 yards (-110) Lower

Allen Lazard

Receptions o3.5 (-162) Higher

Receiving Yards o47.5 (-114) Higher

Christian Watson

Receptions o1.5 (-124) Higher

Receiving Yards o15.5 (-114) Higher

Randall Cobb

Receptions o2.5 (+106) Higher

Receiving Yards o25.5 (-114) Higher

Romeo Doubs

Receptions o4.5 (+110) Higher

Receiving Yards o49.5 (-122) Higher

Bobby Tonyan

Receptions o2.5 (-129) Higher

Receiving Yards o23.5 (-117) Lower



Green Bay gets to showcase a mismatch of 3-1 teams. The Giants only hopes are to follow the Patriot recipe of running the ball nonstop with their own version of Quadzilla, Saquon Barkley. Jaire Alexander returns for the defense and the offensive line is getting healthier every week. After last week’s performance and the possibility of jet lag, the offense sputtering wouldn’t be a surprise. The Giants don’t have the bodies to hang with the Packers offense and their staff can’t be in the same conversation as Belichick.

Green Bay is the first real opponent New York has faced. The Cowboys had two backs run for 70+ yards and Cooper Rush threw for 215 yards. The Packers will be playing a home game abroad and have the luxury of the much better QB. I am taking Packers by a country kilometer.


Green Bay beats the crumpets out of the Giants 30-16