Deep dish is lasagna. Shiny beans aren’t that cool. Congrats on a green river you didn’t earn. Bears still suck. Sunday marks another monumental moment in the Packers Bears rivalry. Chicago is rolling out another shiny new QB that is destined to be their future. Meanwhile, Green Bay is surviving and thriving with the Aaron Rodgers, best thrower of the football in the history of the game. As for the game Sunday, Chicago comes in with lofty expectations and Green Bay is winning despite missing key components of the team.


Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams

Until Adams stops receiving 10+ targets a game I’ll keep assuming this is a productive partnership. In 25 games against the Bears, Aaron has averaged 240 yards and at least 2 TDs a game. Granted, Chicago is not the feared defense of old, the Bear defense is capable of causing havoc with players like Khalil Mack in addition to Jaylon Johnson as a lockdown corner. The QBs Chicago has faced don’t strike fear in the hearts of many and none of them compare to Rodgers or the partnership of Davante Adams. Jaylon Johnson may be able to slow Adams down but he will not be able to lock DA out of production. 

Rodgers exceeds yardage although TDs may be a stretch with potential for running game success.

Rodgers chucks for 275 yards and 2 TDs

Adams hauls in 8 for 110 yards

Aaron Rodgers props: 263.5 passing yards 2.5 passing TDs

Davante Adams props: 7.5 catches 98.5 yards

Aaron Jones

The Bears have surrendered a minimum of 7 points per game against the RB position. With Jones being capable of dominating in multiple facets of the game, it spells a bad recipe for the Chicago defense. In the one game of 7 points allowed, Mixon had 20 attempts and only 1 reception. Hard to believe Green Bay limits Jones to less than 3-4 catches.

Aaron Jones is the feature resulting into multiple TD performance

Aaron Jones props: 13.5 for 61.5 and 3.5 catches for 25.5



Unfortunately Bobby has not shown himself to be a uncoverable problem in the redzone, despite Rodgers continuing to chase 85. Chicago has been efficient against the TE position holding them to a peak of 7 points. That 7 points came from 2 catches for 19 yards and a score. Unless Tonyan scores, his relevance will be minimal.


Rodgers will need to find his old trusted buddy in Randall Cobb for key downs outside of Davante Adams and Aaron Jones. Ultimately, Chicago has a poor offensive line, missing running backs, and less talent in key positions to keep up with Green Bay’s roster. Green Bay May struggle with Justin Fields ability to extend the play which should be the extent of his ability to burn the depleted secondary. Green Bay wins ugly again.

Green Bay wins 23-17