So you’re saying we got a chance? We’re not dead after all? All the cards are falling in Green Bay’s favor to sneak into the playoffs. What seemed to be an impossible finish to the season is suddenly clearing up to be a vindicating finish for a struggling team.

The Pack rumbled and tumbled behind AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones en route to a 24-12 win over Los Angeles Rams last week. The defense still sat off coverage by a country mile while the offense inevitably found moments of sloppy play.

So was it an issue of the Rams being bad or the Packers just being less bad than they’ve been in other weeks. Either way, the Pack now has full utility of Allen Lazard along with rookie duo Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs.

Christmas morning opens up with Green Bay heading to Miami to play an improved Dolphins team. Miami’s high speed offense is going to leave the Joe Barry more hated than the Grinch.

If Home Alone 2 taught us anything, Christmas in Miami is no real Christmas, it’s a business trip. Not to mention coach Mike McDaniel is one Pepsi away from pissing his pants and season away. Miami’s defense is riddled with talent although they’re not always a cohesive unit.

Sunday’s feature of offenses is a gift that jump starts a day of Christmas football. Better to get it out the way early regardless of the result so everyone can enjoy their time with families.

Aaron Rodgers

Passing Yards o250.5 (-120) higher

Passing Completions o23.5 (-125) higher

Passing Attempts o35.5 (-110) higher

Passing TDs o1.5 (-108) higher

Dolphins are 30th in points allowed to QBs. Miami ranks in bottom 5 against QBs passing yards, completions, attempts and TDs. Rodgers has a get right game at his disposal.

Aaron Jones

Rushing Yards o55.5 (-114) higher

Receiving Yards o28.5 (-110) higher

Receptions o3.5 (-150) higher

AJ Dillon

Rushing Yards o38.5 (-115) lower

Receiving Yards o11.5 (-115) higher

Receptions o1.5 (-165) higher

Miami is top 3 in stuffing rushing yardage. That being said Jones is a shifty dude that bursts for large gains so he can eclipse his number as long as Pack doesn’t abandon the run. The way to attack the Miami defense with RBs is passing. Dolphins are bottom 5 against RBs in receptions and receiving yards.

Allen Lazard

Receiving Yards o43.5 (-114) higher

Receptions o3.5 (-174)higher

Christian Watson

Receiving Yards o53.5 (-112) higher

Receptions o4.5 (+102)higher

Romeo Doubs

Receiving Yards o28.5 (-115) higher

Receptions o2.5 (-142)higher

Miami is bottom 10 in receptions and yards allowed to WRs but ranks 11th in total points allowed to the position. The Dolphin defense is 3rd best in the league in TDs allowed to wideouts.

Robert Tonyan

Receiving Yards o20.5 (-117) higher

Receptions o2.5 (+115) higher

Dolphins rank 30th against TEs overall. 31st in receptions, 28th in yards and 30th in TDs allowed


Green Bay can’t be sloppy if they’re going to hang with a polished offense like Miami’s. This is the type of game Green Bay/Rodgers have risen to the occasion. Can’t sit 10 yards off guys like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle or they will take 10 catches and have a good chance of taking them all to the house.

Green Bay’s defense has an inability to create pressure which forces a higher blitz percentage that McDaniel and Tua are crafty enough to feast on. That being said, this Packers team has their backs against the wall and is ready to give ‘em a Kenosha ass Kickin

Green Bay escapes the beach with a 31-30 win