The day has finally come! Brett Hundley put the first win under his belt as Packers starting QB in a 23-16 victory against the division rival Bears. The Packers ended their 3 game losing skid, going nearly a month without winning a game after Rodgers got hurt. Hopefully, this win means the Pack will gain some momentum and string a few together against a mediocre upcoming schedule.

Hundley looked markedly better than he did previously, and was finally able to start getting the ball moving through the air. A tough, gritty run game from Jamaal Williams helped the Packers get going. Although he isn’t getting a game ball today, he deserves the recognition. Jamaal Williams is another solid RB that the Packers have, as he showed with his hard running today, turning what looked like stuffs into 4 or 5 yard gains. With those runs, he was able to keep the offense moving until Brett Hundley finally got into a groove late in the game, as our QB is getting the first game ball of this matchup.


Brett Hundley & Davante Adams

Previously, Hundley wasn’t doing anything to lose the Packers the game, but wasn’t doing anything to win the Packers games either. He did make some mistakes this game, including a few plays with extremely obvious poor vision and misusing timeouts, as well as a delay of game penalty coming out of a timeout. Aside from that, Hundley came through when the team needed him most. With an absolute dime to Davante Adams, as well as a beautiful throw from Hundley complimented by a spectacular catch from Adams sealed the Packers victory.

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Hundley’s precise 17 yard dart to Davante put the Packers in the lead 23-13. Additionally, with a little over two minutes left in the game, he completed a deep third-down ball 42 yards downfield to Davante Adams. Because of the duo’s key plays when it mattered most, they are sharing a game ball for their Sunday performance. Hundley finished the game 18/25 with 212 yards and a TD, against a Chicago defense that had only allowed 2 TDs at home the past 5 weeks, and put a 110.7 QBR on top of that. Adams finished the game with 5 catches for 90 yards with a crucial TD. Without these two coming through in the clutch, the Bears looked like they would have had enough left in the tank to take the victory.


Nick Perry

Nick Perry had an absolute career day against the Bears. His pass rush helped the Packers stay in this game, with Mike Daniels coming along the way to help the defense anchor the team. The defense was able to keep the team in the game throughout the first half and start of the second before the offense was able to get going.

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Perry totaled 3 sacks and 3 more tackles for the day, making several key plays on defense to stop Chicago drives short of the first down marker. Without the infamous club, Perry has stayed up to expectations as everybody hoped he would. The only disappointing thing about this is that we can no longer see him pet his club to celebrate his sacks. His stellar performance earns him his first game ball of the season.


Mike Daniels

Daniels was another key defensive player in the Packers victory, having one of his bets games of his career as well, although it wasn’t super visible to the average viewer. Daniels had 4 tackles, 1 sack, 3 hurried passes, and 5 run stops in the game. With that kind of defensive performance, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be considered the best interior defensive lineman in the league. He is an immovable force on the inside, always making plays to either stop the run and as seen against Chicago, to rush the passer effectively as well.

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The Packers front seven needs to step up like they did against Chicago in order to keep the Packers alive in the playoff race. If Perry and Daniels keep this level of play, along with Clay Matthews stepping up with Ahmad Brooks, the Packers pass rush will be much scarier than it did to start the season. For Daniels’ disruption in Week 10, he earns his first game ball of the season as well.


Game Ball Season Totals

I decided to create this category to run a competition for who will earn the most game balls throughout the season. The totals will be updated every week.

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Blake Martinez: 2

Aaron Jones: 1

Brian Bulaga: 1

Nick Perry: 1

Mike Daniels: 1

Damarious Randall: 0.5

Davon House: 0.5

Brett Hundley: 0.5

Davante Adams: 0.5

The Packers looked to rebound in Chicago, and they did very well with a great all-around team victory. Can they keep this performance up, stringing together some wins, to make a run for the playoffs for AR12’s return?