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This will include all edge players who were eventually moved to off ball linebackers, because they were originally drafted at edge rushers.

When it comes to edge players, the Packers have and haven’t changed the type they target. Historically, they like guys who score high athletically. Since Ted came aboard, they have averaged an 8.2 on the RAS scale…which is highly athletic. Only two draft picks in that time have scored under a 7.39. What has changed though is the body type. With Capers they tended to go after the smaller and more bendy type edge rushers. They currently like to draft longer, and stronger guys who tend to be more power players. Still highly athletic of course.

So lets get into the numbers: As I said before they have an average RAS score of 8.2 out of 10. They have averaged a vertical of 35 which for edge players is pretty good. As for broad jump the average would be 9’11” which is pretty good as well. Now to the 40 times the average has been 4.73, so the Packers have not prioritized 40 time. There is some theory that they prioritize 10 yard split over 40. With the short shuttle, they have averaged 4.35 which is not bad. For the 3 cone drill, they have averaged a 7.24 which like the short shuttle is decent but not elite.

Now for minimums: The lowest recorded vertical was a 31.5, but since Gutey took over they have been 36 or higher, so I would expect the minimum to be a bit higher than 31.5 now probably more like 34-35. The lowest broad jump was a  8’10”, but after that was a 9’2″, which is probably more likely. Slowest 40 was a 5.07 which seems doubtful that it would be acceptable now. After that its a 4.95 which is probably the bare minimum. The slowest short shuttle was a 4.48 which seems a bit slow, and with Gutey’s penchant for highly athletic guys I would say that would be unacceptable now. After that, the slowest would be a 4.39, this sounds like its probably the current minimum or around there. The slowest 3 cone drill was a 7.39, this seems on the slow side as well. Next slowest is a 7.34, which might be around their minimum maybe a little lower like a 7.3 or around there.

Defensive backs:

Here is where we get into some really athletic numbers.

The average RAS score for all of them is a 7.65, which can be kind of misleading. Since Gutenkust took over the lowest RAS has been a 8.35. With the needs at defensive back, I would expect that average number to climb. Now on to the averages.

The average vertical jump of all players drafted since Thompson is an astonishing 37″. Which means they must prioritize explosiveness with their defensive backs which is something that I do not believe has been talked about before. For the broad jump, they have averaged a 10’3″ which is a bit above average. Average 40 time was a 4.52. It does seem that they are prioritizing 40 time a little bit more now under Gutekunst. The last three defensive backs all ran under 4.4. As for the short shuttle the average has been 4.19. When it comes to the 3 cone though! its a drill the Packers really hone in on. All their DB’s averaged a 6.8.

Now to the minimums. The lowest vertical was a 31.5. That seems like an outlier. After that its  33 and 33.5, which still seems a bit poor for Gutekunst. 34″ after that which seems more likely to be his minimum. The lowest broad jump is a 9’1″ which again is an outlier. After that 9’11” which probably sounds more likely to be the minimum. as for 40 times the slowest was a 4.62. After that 4.58 and 4.57 which is probably the minimum but kind of doubtful with how Gutey seems to prefer even faster db’s now. Minimum short shuttle seems to be a 4.28 and the minimum 3 cone looks to be a 7.12

So there you have it. How the Packers rely heavily on certain athletic thresholds. Thanks for reading!

Go Pack Go!