Twenty years ago this week, Packers great Reggie White came to WCW and went toe-to-toe with former Chicago Bears DT Steve “Mongo” McMichael. But did you know that he’s not the only Green Bay Packer to step inside the squared circle?

On this week’s episode of Blue Cheese Radio, it’s the return of “On the Roster? Or Green & Gold Imposter”! But this time, Titletown Ty will put Mike to the test. Not only on his knowledge of the Green Bay Packers, but his pro wrestling knowledge as well. Which former WCW World Champion also played left tackle for the Packers? Did Bill Goldberg dawn the Green & Gold long before dawning the black boots and black trunks? Find out on this weeks episode of BCR!

Are you (finally) ready to Rumble?
Clay Matthews the Massage Therapist?
Did Chicago ruin Jay Cutler?
Will Vince Biegel be the next injury-prone Packer?
What is the best Packers nickname of all time?
And Fat Eddie makes weight (sort of).

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