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Packers-in-Law Episode 52: A Crucial Win before a Rough Stretch

Andy and Jake look for the positives in another close Packers victory that doesn’t have them feeling too confident about the upcoming schedule.  Nonetheless, they analyze the NFL’s best team and wonder if maybe, just maybe, the Packers could beat them.

Packers-in-Law Episode 51: Anomaly? We Hope So

Our hosts discuss a poor and surprising game in Detroit, while examining the popular talking point of Mike McCarthy possibly being on the hot seat.  They look at how the NFC North fared in Week 5 and then break down the Packers Monday Night matchup with the 49ers, the last game before the bye week.

Packers-in-Law Episode 48: An Odd Duck

Packers-in-Law Episode 48: An Odd Duck

Andy returns and gives his thoughts on week 1.  Then our hosts discuss the strange game vs the Vikings and wonder if the Packers can get a W in Washington.

Packers-in-Law 47: My Emotions!

Packers-in-Law 47: My Emotions!

In an episode almost thwarted by unforeseen circumstances, Jake discusses the miracle we witnessed in Lambeau and what the Packers chances are against the stout Vikings, with or without Rodgers

Packers-in-Law Episode 46: Reading the Tea Leaves

Packers-in-Law Episode 46: Reading the Tea Leaves

Our hosts talk about the Khalil Mack trade (Andy gets mad, Jake does not) and the final roster.  Then they predict the outcome of every game this season, followed by some more predictions about the Packers in 2018.

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