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School: West Virginia

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 315





Cajuste was an interesting prospect to watch film on. I felt like one of his biggest strengths was his run blocking ability. He always came off of he line with power and got a good punch on the edge player or defensive end. He seemed to be most effective in man blocking schemes as opposed to zone. West Virginia used him as a pull blocker from time to time and he didn’t disappoint. He was a strong lead blocker when pulling and leading up in to the hole to block a linebacker. He moved well as a tackle and showed good mobility on his pull blocks and finishing off defenders.

When it comes to pass protection Cajuste seemed about average. Nothing that stood out on film but he seemed to do a good job from snap to snap in the pass game. West Virginia incorporated a number of RPOs and rollout passes in to their game, which will probably change for him when he gets to the NFL.

Cajuste’s measurables alone are impressive. He’s a long armed tackle and has a great frame. He already has the size of an NFL tackle.


Footwork in the pass game was the biggest concern to me. I felt like he was slow at times to set up on his kickslide and meet the rusher. Because of he slow feet, he was beat several times on inside rushes. His mirror ability is decent, but must improve at the next level, especially with as many twist stunts as NFL defenses like to run.

Cajuste didn’t particularly wow me with his second level blocking. He seemed slow at times slipping off his initial block and reaching the second level linebacker. NFL offensive lines run a lot of combination blocks, which is why this is one area he must improve on.

I noticed at times that he tended over get over extended with his pass set ups, again leaving the inside vulnerable and leaving too wide of gap between him and the quarterback. Again, his pass protection for me was the biggest concern.

Grade: B

Cajuste has to potential to become a starter on an NFL offensive line. While he does need time to develop some traits, I feel like he could get to the point where he is a reliable tackle. I see him falling somewhere in the 3rd or 4th round come draft day.

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