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Position: CB

School: Stanford

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 205lbs

40 Time: 4.49 (Pro day)

Cone Drill: 6.72

Vertical: 39″

225′ Reps: 11


Meeks may be one of the smartest corners coming out in the draft. He has great feet and instincts which allows him to keep a lot of work in front of him. He is dominant with underneath routes. Meeks puts himself in great positions with his feet and back pedal. His instincts take over from there as he breaks on the ball to make a play. He really thrives in zone coverage, and he rarely gets penalized which is very impressive for someone who makes a ton of plays. His ball skills are also a big compliment to his game.

He really fits the mold of what the corners are turning into in the NFL. He is a big physical presence on the outside. Meeks is a solid willing tackler in the run game, and he can matchup with the bigger wide receivers in the league. He does a good job knowing when to use his physicality and when to use his skill which most guys have a trouble being able to switch back and forth between the two. Meeks fits the mold of Stanford players in the NFL, and he can be a big steal.


He needs to work on his man coverage skills overall. As a big corner, he needs to have better hand usage in press coverage. His hands are not in sync with his feet which will cause him to instantly get behind. He also needs to work on flipping his hips. In man coverage, a corner will have to flip his hips and get in the trail position, and with stiff hips it will cause him to fall behind a step or two.

The other concern is if Meeks has the speed and acceleration to stay with the wide receivers at the next level. His hitches in his man coverage will make him fall behind, and he may not have the make up speed. He will have to fix these problems in his game to be able to stay on the field. Man coverage is a big part of the NFL. If he does not have the pure speed to rely on, Meeks will have to have flawless technique all around.

How He Fits

Meeks style of play will transition very well into Pettine’s scheme. His size and physicality are also attributes the Packers are looking to keep adding on defense. More importantly, the Packers provide a great coach and a savy veteran to learn from. Bringing back Tramon Williams makes a world of a difference for guys like Meeks. He will be able to learn the tricks and tips from someone who has been able to find longevity in the NFL. Whitt will also provide the coaching he will need to take his game to the next level. Meeks could come in and make an impact right away, and he would be in the right place to reach his full potential.


3rd – 5th

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