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Position: FS

School: Ohio State

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 195lbs

40 Time: 4.62

Cone Drill: NA

Vertical: NA

225′ Reps: 17


Webb is a smart football player. His intelligence really separates him from other players in the later rounds of the draft. He was able to develop mentally in the film room, and he got to watch great talent in front of him for a few years. He finally got to put all of that to use on the field this past year. Webb gets to see everything play out in front of him, and this is where his study comes into play. It allows him to continuously put himself in good positions to make plays.

His instincts pair great with his intelligence. He is always around the ball, and he usually gets a good jump on the play from the start. Webb has a natural feel for the game which grows with each rep. He really started to shine the second half of the season. As he got more playing time, his intangibles kept improving. He was a step ahead mentally which finally let his athleticism become a big factor. The more he plays, the better he gets.


Webb needs to be more of a threat in the run game. He is going to have to get in the weight room to be a consistent run defender in the NFL. He will also need that weight to sustain a full season. His speed is a concern in coverage. He will need to prove he has the ability to play sideline to sideline, and he will need to show he can guard the slot wide receiver in man coverage. His man technique needs some work as well.

In college, he worked on his mental aspect as he sat for a few years which then allowed his athleticism to take over. However, he is really going to have to work on his craft to survive in the NFL. His footwork, hips, and breaks could all use work. Sloppy play on the back-end will have a safety out of a job in no time. He has to be able to bring the same drive to get better physically as he did mentally, and he needs the time to develop.

How He Fits

Damon Webb could become a quality depth piece in the secondary. Even though he is rough around the edges, he has the smarts and instincts to be productive when put in the right situations. The Packers have a lot of safeties who like to play around the line of scrimmage. Webb would allow Pettine and Whitt to have a player they can sub in on passing downs to maintain half of the field. His role would allow him and other players to play to their strengths. He would also be a solid contributor on special teams. He would provide quality over quantity.


5th – 7th

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