With the 93rd overall pick (3rd Round), the Green Bay Packers selected Georgia native and former 5-star recruit Montravius Adams out of the University of Auburn. Lining up with some other younger talent and star Mike Daniels, Adams will get his opportunity early on to shine.

This was one of those “Man, I knew it” picks. If you are a scout or enjoy pretending to be one like me, then you know what I mean. All throughout the year and the process his name was always there. Kind of off to the corner, standing in the shade. Not jumping out at me, but always there. So, when his name was called, it was a “Man, I knew it” moment.

After I got over that I was excited about the pick. I think most people expected an edge rusher, and perhaps still are, but I think this was a sneaky pick. Why was it sneaky? Because most scouts have him as a play-on, play-off kind guy. He goes hard every 3 or 4 snaps. I didn’t see it that way. Perhaps there is a bit of that. But that won’t fly in Green Bay. And I will explain that later.

Strengths: He can move around the defensive line. Twoyears ago, under coach Muschamp, he lined up as a 0 nose (head up over the center). Last year he lined up 3 technique (outside shoulder of the guard). He realistically could line up as a 5 or 7 or a traditional defensive end. His versatility is endless. He has played in two different schemes at Auburn where he was asked to “read & react” and try and plug the gaps and stop the run. Whereas, last year he was in more a of an attack mode. Basically a “see ball, get ball” mentality and use his athleticism on the field. For a 300+ guy, he moves quick, real quick. His jump off the ball is fantastic and his initial punch is dynamite.

Knocks: Only real knock on Adams is his dedication to the game. In many scout’s opinions, he took the 2015 season off. He was great in 2014 and even better in 2016 (like a contract year) so scouts question his motivation. Another knock that goes hand in hand with this is that he takes plays off. When I originally heard this I was discouraged. And then I remembered “the Rhino” aka Mike Daniels. What does he have to do with it? Do you think Daniels would allow for anyone on that defensive front to “take a play-off”? That’s what I thought. And I think Ted knew that, along with the birth of his first child would be enough to get this kid to bring it. And believe me, when he brings it, he fricking brings it.

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Projected Lineup: Adams will line up with Christian Ringo at Nose Tackle. Ringo was a late (6th) round draft pick in 2015 out of Louisiana-Lafayette. I have been a big fan of his since day one and I think will have his breakout year this year. At Defensive Tackle is “The Rhino” aka Mike Daniels, who needs no introduction, and Ricky Jean-Francois, a lifetime run-stopper who eats up backs. And lastly, at Defensive End is 2nd year player Kenny Clark, who according to Head Coach Mike McCarthy is “crushing it” in the weight room and will make a big jump heading into his second season. Alongside him is another second-year player in Dean Lowry, who showed flashes late in the season last year. It’s safe to say that this is a young defensive line. But it’s a talented one.

Bottom Line:

The pick on the surface seems legit. When you check the sources, it seems sketchy. A definite boom or bust kind of guy. But this is where Ted goes and does what Ted does. He looks past it. He knows that Daniels is such a leader and demands excellence and will command it from Adams. And when Adams plays at full strength and speed, he was a force in the toughest division in college football. Add that with the birth of his first son and you got some serious motiviation. I sure hope I am right?


(Because it is easy to throw his highlights here and make him look great. Here’s a full game against the closest thing to the NFL as you can get, the Alabama Crimson Tide)

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Go Pack Go!