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Position: CB

School: Louisville

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 196 lbs

Arms: 31 1/8″

Hands: 9 1/2″

40 Time: 4.38

Cone Drill: 6.71

Vertical: 35″

225′ Reps: 14

Broad: 127″

20 Yd Shuttle: 3.98


Jaire Alexander is what the Packers have been missing for years on defense in more ways than one. He has the “dawg” mentality they have been searching for this off-season, and he brings an infectious swag with him. I believe his personality on the field and in the locker room are what locked up his first round selection by the Packers. It is easy to see that just from what we all saw on draft night which continued into the videos posted on Twitter and Instagram. He got all of Packer Nation bumping in a matter of a few hours, wait and see the change he makes with the players he is around all day every day.

His personality transitions well into the player he is, and he is a difference maker. I call Jaire a difference maker because he does not have to make plays to make a difference. He can change the game without touching the ball. However, he has amazing and aggressive ball skills. As a quarterback, you have to think twice about throwing his way. His ball skills and impressive instincts make for a scary combination. Alexander is an athlete, and when he gets his hands on the ball that is beyond obvious.

A lot of guys either have speed or technique, and Jaire has both. The athleticism paired with his technique make him a very smooth player. His transitions are seamless, and he has great feet. He is a smart football player who communicates very well. (Yes Packer fans you heard right, he communicates!) He mirrors well in man coverage, and understands zone concepts so he can cut down on passing lanes. On top of it all, he is a tough player. He was guaranteed to be drafted, and through an injury plagued season with not a lot to play for or prove, he finished out the season playing the last three games of the year. That is a man I want on my team.


His size can be a concern especially if he plays outside corner. Alexander will have to match up with receivers who are bigger and stronger. He has the ability to not get over powered, but he has to be on his game every play. There are not plays that you can cruise through in the NFL because those will result in six for the opposing team. He needs to become an overall more consistent player.

He also has to be a consistent and willing tackler in the NFL, and he has to be willing to take on blockers. The run game is not a time for corners to take a break. Which brings the next concern of his durability when facing blockers and bigger backs. Jaire has to be healthy enough to play every down. His lack of size could contribute to his durability issues. He will need to learn the tricks and trades from other players to stay on the field. A few extra pounds would not hurt either

Consistency is huge in the NFL. There are times he sets himself up for big plays and capitalizes, but others he takes the safe route. Any opportunity that is provided, he needs to take advantage of it. He can also work on getting his head around more often in man coverage to find the ball. Yes, these are little nitpicking things, but this is what separates good and great players.

How He Fits

Jaire Alexander not only fits perfectly with the Packers, he fits the (finally) NEW aged athletic Green Bay Packers. Pettine and Whitt have to thrilled to finally have a weapon in the back end. The Packers have not had someone like this since Charles Woodson. He will do more than fit the scheme, he will be apart of the scheme.

Expect Alexander to start in the slot this year, but that will not be his only position. I believe he will be moved all over the field as the primary chess piece. He will play outside corner, slot, and he may rotate back into deep zone coverage at times. Do not even be surprised to see him coming off the edge. Any way they can use him to make a difference they will. This will not be the conservative defense of the past, and Jaire will be leading the way on the field. Expect a starter, expect a difference maker, and expect a lot of swag!

Stat Predictions: 62 tackles, 3 sacks, 23 passes defended, 6 interceptions, and 2 defensive touchdowns

Player Comparison

Stephon Gilmore – CB, Patriots

Height: 6’0″              40 Time: 4.40

Weight: 190 lbs        Cone Drill: 6.61

Arms: 31″                  Vertical: 36″

Hands: 9 1/4″            225′ Reps: 15

Broad: 123″

20 Yd Shuttle: 3.94


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