School: Auburn

Height: 6-5


Arm: 33.13

Hand: 10

Prince Tega Wanogho is yet another tackle coming out of the SEC who could have a big impact on whatever team he lands with. Wanogho was one of the most versatile offensive linemen that I saw on tape. Auburn would move him to different positions in certain formations, such as the heavy package. This tells me that they believe that he is one of the best run blockers as well as lead blockers on their offensive line, and for good reason. Wanogho moves smoothly in space, especially when pulling to the outside to lead on a screen pass, which was a staple in Auburn’s offense. He always seemed to explode out of his stance with a low hat and powerful first step. The Tigers ran a lot of big-on-big concepts, which should be easily translatable to the league.

Wanogho looked decent in the passing game, though he will need some work. Good mirror abilities, but nothing that will “wow” a scout. On tape, I didn’t see him have many vertical drops, opting for a jump set or 45 degree set instead. This will have to be his biggest hurdle to overcome in the league.

The interesting thing about Wanogho is that he is still relatively new to the game of football, as he only started playing in high school. I think he has the skill set to go early in the second round, but there still is a lot of raw, unprocessed talent with him. I still think the best is yet to come in his football career.

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