School: Utah State

Height: 6-4

Weight: 223

Class: RS Junior

Love is an athletic prospect with a lot of potential. He has shown on tape his ability to make big plays both in and out of the pocket, sometimes using his legs in order to extend and make big plays. One of the biggest advantages of his game is his arm. Love can make big throws downs the field and really ignite an offense. A lot of the throws that he has made outside of the pocket looked clean, as he kept his eyes downfield and locked on his target. One of the things I liked the most about his game is his ability to stand in the pocket and deliver throws. Too many times a quarterback wants to break the pocket and the play is busted. Love is going to trust his lineman to do their job.

The biggest drawback about Love is that he seems to have trouble diagnosing the defensive coverage. On the games that I watched, he seemed to make too many careless throws against zone coverage. He wants to deliver a big throw but often does so in critical situations. Love seemed to have decent awareness of his checkdown players, but I felt like he went too often to the deep ball, opting not to throw to his outlet players.

He had a decent combine and showed that he has the ability to work well from under center, as his 5 and 7 step drops looked clean in drills. He did a good job pushing away from center, stepping up and delivering clean throws. This usually is a big concern for me, as many college quarterbacks in today’s game rarely play from under center. If he wants to make it big in the NFL, I feel like this should be one of the focal points as he makes the transition to the pros.

I’d expect Love to fall somewhere in the 2nd-3rd round. The Packers have expressed some interest in a quarterback and have interviewed several of them during the scouting process. While I feel Love has some work cut out for him, he could definitely make a name for himself in the NFL.

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