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Position: Offensive Line

School: Alabama

Height: 6’4 1/2″

Weight: 302 LBS

40 Time: 5.12

Cone Drill: 8.01

Vertical: 28″

225′ Reps: 23


One of the best qualities an OL can posses is versatility.  Jonah Williams possess a unique skill set that would allow him to be successful at both guard or tackle.  He is very good at both Pass Protection and Run Blocking.  Where he finds his success is in his technique, how he is always in the right place and doing the right thing is important.   

What really jumped off the tape for me was Jonah’s ability to quickly seal the edge and provide a lane for his runner.  I could see this even in his Combine Drills.  He would fight to his position and turn his man away from the play.  It was an excellent display of talent and rather refreshing to see.


Considering how good of a technician Jonah Williams is he has over come some limitation physically.  For an NFL Offensive Tackle, he is Shorter than ideal with shorter than ideal arms, which leads some to believe that his best position for the pros will be guard.  The Best OT in the Draft could actually find the most success at Guard, at least for the Packers. 

There will be a team or two that wants to reach on him early to plug in at LT day one and he may have an All-Pro career.  He is that technically sound of a player to reach this potential.   But that is him overcoming his limitations physically to achieve it.

How He Fits

The Packers could definitely use Jonah in multiple ways.  The only position on the OL I believe the Packers have locked down are starting LT and that’s it.  Every other piece including the 2nd team is up in the Air.  With Bulaga in the final year of his contract and often Injured it would be pretty nice to have a solid OL prospect for Aaron Rodgers that is this reliable.  He can be our starting G day one learn from some of the best tackles in the league for a year then take over for Bulaga if he isn’t resigned.

Just imagine seeing Williams sealing that edge for Aaron Jones, springing him for a long run more often than he was already doing it last year.  quality offensive line depth is needed these days and Jonah Williams would allow the Packers to maybe only have to keep 7 or 8 OL on the Team as opposed the 9 or 10 that were kept on in years passed.  That’s one more corner or Safety or Edge player that gets to make the team.  It’s a win for the Offensive Run game, Pass game, and potentially Defensive as well.


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