Name: Isaiah Wilson

School: Georgia

Height: 6-7

Weight: 340

Class: RS Sophmore

The first thing that strikes me about Wilson is his size. As we all know, SEC tackles look pro-ready early in their college careers. Because of their size, athleticism and scheme, they are NFL ready from an early stage. Wilson is a lean 340 who can move with ease.

The best quality in his game seems to be his run blocking ability. When he fires off the ball, I always notice a low hat and low pad level. He seems like he could flourish in big-on-big blocking schemes at the pro level. When getting to the second level, he consistently did a nice job finding moving targets and locking on to them, driving his feet well. I noticed several plays where he was able to block the defender out of the video frame.

Wilson’s size plays a key factor in the passing game as well. He is able to slow down rushers simply because he is a bigger player. His kickslide looked smooth time and again, as he did a fine job on his vertical pass sets as well as his 45-degree sets. The biggest knock on Wilson in the pass game is his hand placement. The key for an offensive tackle is to lock the hands on the breastplate of the rusher, thumbs up and extension with both arms. This is something that Wilson has to nail down at the NFL level. During his measurements, Wilson was reported to have 35.5″ arms. While the measurements look good, I feel like he has to find a way to use them to his advantage.

Overall, Wilson could be one of the better late first round-early second round tackles in this draft. Because of the depth of the class, one team will be very lucky to grab him at a later pick in the early rounds.

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