Name: Devin Bush Jr.
Position: Inside Linebacker
School: Michigan
Height: 5-11
Weight: 222


Bush plays the run very well. His speed and athleticism really show when he comes downhill to plug gaps. He is a gap sound player who plays everything down hill. Bush isn’t afraid to take on a lead blocker head on to fill a gap. Several times I saw him shuck the blocks of the guard and make the stop at the line of scrimmage.

Bush is one of the quicker inside linebackers that I have seen in this draft class. I’m excited to see what his official 40 time will be at the combine. I’ve seen him on tape chase down the ball carrier from one side of the field to the other. He never gives up on a play and chases down the ball carrier relentlessly.

Bush looked good in both zone and man coverage. He looked especially good in the flats when matched up with a running back or tight end in man coverage. He took good angles to meet the receiver at the LOS and carry with them if they went vertical. Instead of flowing over the top of the play he seemed to always take a straight angle to meet the receiver.

I liked what I saw out of Bush pre-snap most of the time. He takes an explosive first step and gets to where he needs to be. I didn’t see many false steps at all. Again, he plays every run downhill. In the pass game he was quick to read pass and drop to his zone.


The thing I was concerned with the most is his blitzing ability. Michigan rolled him on to the line of scrimmage several times to have him rush off of the edge. I noticed he had a tenancy to rush too far upfield, leaving a running lane for the quarterback. When he blitzes from depth he can get out of control and run past the quarterback or miss the ball carrier if it is a run. I would like to see him work more on breaking down and coming to balance.

I was a little concerned about his ability to make plays in space at the next level. He could get away with some of the things that he did at Michigan, but not sure he will in the NFL. All in all, there wasn’t too much I didn’t like about Devin Bush.

Grade: A

Bush is a really talented prospect and one that might fly under the radar of some draft experts. He could be a reliable strongside linebacker in any 3-4 defense.

In his 3 years at Michigan, Bush totaled 91 solo tackles, 81 assisted tackles, 18.5 tackles for loss, 10 sacks and 1 interception.