Welcome part two in my series! If you haven’t read part one; welcome to my roster construction breakdown. I will break it down by position and how I see Gutenkunst building the roster going forward. This will be focused on Tight Ends.

Lets start with who will be back in 2021. We will most likely have ‘Big Bob’ Tonyan, Jace Sternberger, Josiah Deguara, and John Lovett.

Marcedes Lewis will be a 37 year old free agent. I feel there is a very good chance they let him walk. He isn’t much more than a blocker now and they can get someone younger and more athletic either in free agency, the draft, or even what seems to be guteys MO; both. Now going into 2021 Tonyan will be the starter and has earned it. Many myself included didn’t see this happening. I thought he would be a decent #2 guy behind Jace. Looks like a lot of us were wrong. Big bob as a lot of packers fans like to call him will be a restricted free agent which means the packers have the right of first refusal. They will obviously not use an original round tender on him since he was a undrafted free agent. They will either use the 2nd round tender or the 1st.

Sternberger has been some what injury prone to start his career. He has dealt with concussions, foot/ankle injury, and COVID. He should be the #2 guy going into next season. Next season will definitely be a important year for him. Similarly Deguara is coming off an injury himself. He is coming off a torn ACL. It seems like the plan for him is to use him all over the formation like a h-back. They will use him in motion, split out, in the back field, etc…

Lovett may or may not stick. He didn’t show much in the time he was on the roster. He will certainly be given a shot.

So in conclusion going forward the roster at Tight end should be pretty much the same. There is a chance they resign Lewis for another year, but at 37 it is questionable. Gutey will probably look to free agency and the draft to get his replacement. Look for them to draft a Tight end on day 3, specifically a player in the mold of more of a blocker. Someone like a Trey McBride from Colorado State.

So as with the running back group going forward the Packers should go into the 2021 season with Tonyan/Sternberger/Deguara/FA or draft pick.