For some of us, we spend an offseason waiting for the 2018 NFL Draft. For others, it’s a non-stop process that starts way back in high school for a lot of these prospects. I am one of “the others” in this case. And I am OK with it.

The NFL Draft, and the ability to predict it is part knowledge, part luck, and part gut feeling. The names in this list are guys I think will be targeted by the Green Bay Packers, fit with the Green Bay Packers, and are, to me, Green Bay Packers.

* Scroll to bottom to see how it all played out (Trades)


2018 Green Bay Packers 7-Round Mock Draft 


  1.   CB Denzel Ward (Ohio State)

  2.    WR Cortland Sutton (SMU)

  3.        EDGE Uchenna Nwuso (USC)

  4.        WR Simmie Cobbs Jr. (Indiana)

  5.    OT Brian O’Neill (Pittsburgh)

  6.    CB D.J. Reed (Kansas State)

  7.      LB Jack Cichy (Wisconsin)

  8.    DL Eddy Wilson (Purdue)

  9.    CB Levi Wallace (Alabama)

  10.   WR Braxton Berrios (Miami)


How it all played out:


1st Rd (10, from Raiders) – CB Denzel Ward (Ohio State)

1st Rd (14th) – TRADE to Oakland

2nd Rd (45th) – WR Cortland Sutton (SMU)

3rd Rd (76th) – EDGE Uchenna Nwuso (USC)

4th Rd (101st, from Browns) WR Simmie Cobbs Jr. (Indiana)

4th Rd (133rd) – OT Brian O’Neill (Pittsburgh)

5th Rd (138th, from Browns) – CB D.J. Reed (Kansas State)

5th Rd (172nd) – TRADE to Oakland

5th Rd (174th) –  LB Jack Cichy (Wisconsin)

6th Rd (186th) – DL Eddy Wilson (Purdue)

6th Rd (207th) – TRADE to Oakland

7th Rd (232nd) – CB Levi Wallace (Alabama)

7th Rd (239th) – WR Braxton Berrios (Miami)