Each and every single offseason we nerdy Packer fans take to the internet after free agency and see a genuine mountain of mock drafts. These mock drafts are actually pretty silly when you think about it, but it keeps us busy between free agency and the draft. We all form our opinions on players, and set our minds on which positions are priorities. Every so often a player comes up that is an absolutely terrible fit in our minds, and all we do is hope he gets picked by another team. Then one not so glorious day we click on a mock draft, and this particular mock has the Packers picking one of these players we despise. It is a traumatic experience. An experience almost as horrific as seeing a “the Packers should sign Adrian Peterson” tweet on twitter, thankfully that is done and over.

This post is dedicated to those players that we as fans want absolutely nothing to do with. That slow cornerback or wideout. The player with big character issues. That offensive linemen or running back who can’t pass block. The player who isn’t at a position of need, but gets picked high anyway. Any of those guys you think are way overrated. All of those players are fair game.  We all have a list in the back of our mind, and this is mine.

The 2017 NFL Draft is underway. The Green Bay Packers have selected…hopefully not anyone on this list!

Round 1

The Packers Should Avoid: Dalvin Cook, RB- Florida State

Reasoning: I want to start by saying that Joe Mixon gets far more flak for his off the field issues than Dalvin Cook, and it very well should be the opposite. Sure Joe Mixon has a very bad incident in his past, but have you dived into Cooks past? In 2014, Cook was charged with battery after punching a woman in the face “several times” over her refusing to give another man he was with her phone number. Later on in 2015, Mr. Cook was cited for animal cruelty. An animal control officer “observed three puppies (one aged 8 months and two others that were just 2 months old) tethered directly around the neck by a heavy chain. The dogs were unable to move and the smaller puppies were choking. I had to remove them for their safety.”On top of the other two incidents, he was charged with criminal mischief after being involved in a BB-gun incident which caused an excess of $200 of damage.

While he’s hardly a model citizen, I’m not a huge fan of his fit in the offense. He is not good between the tackles. He has drops and fumble issues. Not a guy who is going to block on third down well. Above all else, he played for Florida State…who I despise. Don’t pick Dalvin Cook, Ted…Please?

Honorable Mention: Charles Harris

Round 2

The Packers Should Avoid: Teez Tabor, CB- Florida

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Reasoning: This is a purely on the field choice. I do not mind Teez Tabor’s game, but he’s that slow cornerback this defense doesn’t need. He ran a 4.62 40 at the combine. His pro day 40 time of 4.75 saw his draft stock plummet. When asked about the difference in 40 times, Tabor said he had hamstring pain. I am a firm believer that the Packers need to look to improve the speed of their defense, especially at corner. The team already has two relatively slow corners by NFL standards in Davon House and LaDarius Gunter. I am a fan of both of those guys, but there’s so many tall fast corners in this draft. I’ve seen the Packers cornerback group burned deep far too many times recently. Team speed is so very important in football, therefore I’ll take a hard pass on Tabor.

Honorable Mention: Alvin Kamara

Round 3

The Packers Should Avoid: Dede Westbrook, WR- Oklahoma

Reasoning: Before we get to the off the field issues, I would like to remind everyone that Dede Westbrook turns 24 in November. Not to say 24 is old, but its significant when comparing him to a group of 21 year old wideouts. Although he was never convicted, Westbrook was accused of domestic violence against the mother of his children in 2012 and 2013. On the field, he’s somewhat undersized in terms of weight at 178 pounds. His stock is in the 2nd to 3rd round. While the replacement of Jordy Nelson needs to be drafted sometime, I’ll pass on this guy.

Round 4

The Packers Should Avoid: Nico Siragusa, G- San Diego St.

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Reasoning: This is another on the field misfit. The Packers pass the ball a lot, they need a guard who can support their elite quarterback. They don’t need a player like Siragusa who can’t pass block well. He lacks the lateral movement ability to pass protect well in the NFL. His hands are slow . He’s not good enough of an athlete to make reach blocks or cut-off blocks. Good run blocker when he doesn’t have to move much, but not a good fit. Pass.

Round 5

The Packers Should Avoid: Chad Kelly, QB- Mississippi

Reasoning: We all know Chad Kelly. He is Jim Kelly’s nephew. He started his college career by being released from the Clemson football program in the spring of 2014. He won a JUCO championship in his only year at East Mississippi Community College before transferring to Ole MIss. He threatened to “spray this place” to a restaurant bouncer before the transfer. He later ran onto the field of a high school game in 2016, when a teammate of his brother was hit late out of bounds. That’s hardly the begging of his foolish antics, but I’ll leave it there. The Packers should look to find a new backup for Rodgers in order to trade Brett Hundley, but it should not be Chad Kelly. He’s not worth the distraction.

Round 6

The Packers Should Avoid: Joe Williams, RB- Utah

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Reasoning: I might hate Joe Williams more than any player on this list. Off and on the field issues. My problem with Williams starts with him stealing a credit card and using it illegally in 2013. He then decided to “retire” for a month early in the 2016 season before he came back when the position got hit with injuries. His temporary retirement showed he is not committed to the game. On the field, he is a complete non factor on third down. Won’t block, and is not a factor in the passing game. No, just no.

Round 7

The Packers Should Avoid: Ricky Seals-Jones, WR- Texas A&M

Reasoning: When asked about Seals-Jones, fellow PTTF writer Fred Thurston referred to him as “oversized turd who can run about 2 routes”. I could not have described him better myself. He is 6’5 and 243 pounds, which is intriguing. The man ran his 40 in 4.69 seconds, and its part of the reason he can’t get open. He also is terrible in route running. Stay away Ted.


Even if the Packers don’t pick the player you really like this weekend, you can hope none of these players will get picked. If so, you’ll have something to be happy about. Got a player you really hate not featured on this list? Like one of these players? Hate a specific player specifically the most? Let us know in the comments, or tweet at us @PTTF_Podcast. You can also tweet at me directly @TrackOnPack. Go Pack Go!