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Week 14 Rankings (Updated 12:05 PM, 12/05/18)

#QB#RB#RB (cont.)#WR#WR (cont.)#TE#K#D/ST
1D. Brees, NO @ TB1T. Gurley, LAR @ CHI26D. Lewis, TEN vs. JAX1A. Brown, PIT @ OAK26A. Jeffrey, PHI @ DAL1T. Kelce, KC vs. BAL1W. Lutz, NO @ TB1Chargers DST vs. CIN
2P. Rivers, LAC vs. CIN2A. Kamara, NO @ TB27C. Carson Q , SEA vs. MIN2D. Adams, GB vs. ATL27T. Boyd, CIN @ LAC2Z. Ertz, PHI @ DAL2M. Bryant, ATL @ GB2Titans DST vs. JAX
3A. Rodgers, GB vs. ATL3C. McCaffrey, CAR @ CLE28L. McCoy, BUF vs. NYJ3M. Thomas, NO @ TB28A. Robinson, CHI vs. LAR3R. Gronkowski, NE @ MIA3S. Gostkowski, NE @ MIA3Bills DST vs. NYJ
4Roethlisberger, PIT @ OAK4E. Elliott, DAL vs. PHI29K. Drake, MIA vs. NE4D. Hopkins, HOU vs. IND29C. Godwin, TB vs. NO4G. Kittle, SF vs. DEN4J. Tucker, BAL @ KC4Broncos DST @ SF
5P. Mahomes, KC vs. BAL5S. Barkley, NYG @ WAS30L. Blount, DET @ ARI5J. Jones, ATL @ GB30G. Tate, PHI @ DAL5E. Ebron, IND @ HOU5G. Gano, CAR @ CLE5Steelers DST @ OAK
6C. Newton Q, CAR vs. BAL6L. Fournette, JAX @ TEN31J. Howard, CHI vs. LAR6K. Allen, LAC vs. CIN31L. Fitzgerald, ARI vs. DET6D. Njoku, CLE vs. CAR6G. Zuerlein, LAR @ CHI6Redskins DST @ NYG
7T. Brady. NE @ MIA7D. Johnson, ARI vs. DET32D. Martin, OAK vs. PIT7O. Beckham, NYG @ WAS32J. Reynolds, LAR @ CHI7J. Cook, OAK vs. PIT7H. Butker, KC vs. BAL7Lions DST @ ARI
8D. Watson, HOU vs. IND8P. Lindsay, DEN @ SF33J. Jackson, LAC vs. CIN8A. Thielen, MIN @ SEA33D. Baldwin, SEA vs. MIN8J. Reed, WAS vs. NYG8M. Prater, DET @ ARI8Saints DST @ TB
9A. Luck, IND @ HOU9A. Jones, GB vs. ATL34T. Riddick, DET @ ARI9J. Smith-Schuster, PIT @ OAK34C. Ridley, ATL @ GB9J. Graham, GB vs. ATL9B. McManus, DEN @ SF9Patriots DST @ MIA
10J. Goff, LAR @ CHI10N. Chubb, CLE vs. CAR35I. Crowell, NYJ @ BUF10B. Cooks, LAR @ CHI35T. Smith, NO @ TB10V. McDonald, PIT @ OAK10C. Boswell, PIT @ OAK10Cowboys DST vs. PHI
11J. Winston, TB vs. NO11S. Michel, NE @ MIA36P. Barber, TB vs. NO11T. Hill, KC vs. BAL36M. Williams, LAC vs. CIN11C. Brate, TB vs. SF11B. Maher, DAL vs. PHI11Texans DST vs. IND
12R. Wilson, SEA vs. MIN12M. Ingram, NO @ TB37R. Burkhead, NE @ MIA12S. Diggs, MIN @ SEA37D. Thomas, HOU vs. IND12K. Rudolph, MIN @ SEA12K. Fairbairn, HOU vs. IND12Vikings DST @ SEA
13M. Ryan, ATL @ GB13J. Mixon, CIN @ LAC38J. Richard, OAK vs. PIT13M. Evans, TB vs. NO38C. Sutton, DEN @ SF13J. Smith, TEN vs. JAX13Badgley, LAC vs. CIN13Bears DST vs. LAR
14C. Wentz, PHI @ DAL14J. White, NE @ MIA39D. Henry, TEN vs. JAX14T.Y. Hilton, IND @ HOU39S. Shepard Q, NYG @ WAS14T. Burton, CHI vs. LAR14C. Santos, TB vs. NO14Panthers DST @ CLE
15L. Jackson, BAL @ KC15S. Ware, KC vs. BAL40L. Murray, MIN @ SEA15R. Woods, LAR @ CHI40A. Miller, CHI vs. LAR15E. Engram Q, NYG @ WAS15M. Crosby, GB vs. ATL15Seahawks DST vs. MIN
16B. Mayfield, CLE vs. CAR16D. Cook, MIN @ SEA41Duke Johnson, CLE vs. CAR16E. Sanders, DEN @ SF41S. Watkins Q, KC vs. BAL16M. Andrews. BAL @ KC16D. Bailey, MIN @ SEA16Cardinals DST vs. DET
17M. Trubisky Q, CHI vs. LAR17G. Edwards Q, BAL @ KC42I. Smith, ATL @ GB17A. Cooper, DAL vs. PHI42C. Samuel, CAR @ CLE17D. Arnold, NO @ TB17R. Bullock, CIN @ LAC17Jets DST @ BUF
18J. Allen, BUF vs. NYJ18T. Cohen, CHI vs. LAR43N. Hines, IND @ HOU18K. Golladay, DET @ ARI43T. Gabriel, CHI vs. LAR18C.J. Uzomah, CIN @ LAC18J. Myers, NYJ @ BUF18Panthers DST @ CLE
19D. Prescott, DAL vs. PHI19L. Miller, HOU vs. IND44E. McGuire, NYJ @ BUF19J. Gordon, NE @ MIA44M. Sanu, ATL @ GB19A. Hooper, ATL @ GB19R. Succop, TEN vs. JAX19Eagles DST @ DAL
20M. Stafford, DET @ ARI20J. Samuels, PIT @ OAK45T.J. Yeldon, JAX @ TEN20J. Edelman, NE @ MIA45M. Valdes-Scantling, GB vs. ATL20I. Thomas, CAR @ CLE20R. Gould, SF vs. DEN20Dolphins DST vs. NE
21M. Mariota, TEN vs. JAX21T. Coleman, ATL @ GB46F. Gore, MIA vs. NE21T. Lockett, SEA vs. MIN46D. Parker, MIA vs. NE21C. Herndon, NYJ @ BUF21J. Elliott, PHI @ DAL21Colts DST vs. HOU
22K. Cousins, MIN @ SEA22J. Wilson, SF vs. DEN47T. Montgomery, BAL @ KC22A. Humphries, TB vs. NO47A. Callaway, CLE vs. CAR22R. Seals-Jones, ARI vs. DET22A. Vinatieri, IND @ HOU22Ravens DST @ KC
23R. Tannehill, MIA vs. NE23J. Adams, PHI @ DAL48C. Hyde, JAX @ TEN23J. Landry, CLE vs. CAR48Z. Jones, BUF vs. NYJ23M. LaCosse, DEN @ SF23S. Janikowski, SEA vs. MIN23Giants DST @ WAS
24D. Carr, OAK vs. PIT24A. Ekeler, LAC vs. CIN49R. Freeman, DEN @ SF24D.J. Moore, CAR @ CLE49T. Williams, LAC vs. CIN24Jord. Thomas, HOU vs. IND24A. Rosas, NYG @ WAS24Packers DST vs. ATL
25J. Driskel, CIN @ LAC25M. Mack, IND @ HOU50A. Morris, SF vs. DEN25C. Davis, TEN @ JAX50J. Ross, CIN @ LAC25A. Shaheen, CHI vs. LAR

Week 7 Highs and Lows – Oakland Raiders

Week 7 Highs and Lows – Oakland Raiders

The Packers were able to overcome a slow start conceding two early big play shots for the Lions resulting in a 13-0 deficit. Green Bay made the proper adjustments and continued to execute throughout the game. Despite the drops and fumbles, Green Bay was able to accumulate 447 yards compared to Detroit’s 299 yards. Geronimo was unable to capitalize on his mismatch from the slot. Luckily for QB1 and the Pack, Allen Lazard came in and was an instant game changer. Rodgers hyped him up in the post game interviews and now Packer fans are ready to anoint him WR2. Right now, the injury report has the entire offense up in the air. If MVS plays, is he able to take advantage of an Oakland secondary which has allowed the 5th highest points per game to opposing WRs?

Pack to the Fantasy – Week 13 PPR Rankings

Pack to the Fantasy – Week 13 PPR Rankings

Week 13 is here! Bye weeks are over and we're into the final playoff push! Hopefully you all have locked up playoff spots, but if you still need a win and/or need some help, we help fill in those gaps! Of course, these rankings are updated frequently during the week,...

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