As soon as the draft concluded, I knew it was time for me to go to the film and start doing breakdowns on all the new Packers. My draft research is usually very thorough, but now I can start to look at what the team actually has and where they might fit in. One of the things I always do when watching tape is grade players. I’ve experimented with it here at Pack to the Future, and plan to do a lot of it for the 2019 season.

Grades are always important to look at. It’s a good measuring tool to see how a particular player is performing and you can track their progress from week to week to see if they are getting better or not. When I grade film, I always use a +2, -2 system, which is widely popular among those that break down film.

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I figured that a good player to start on would be Kingsley Keke, who was the Packers 5th round draft pick. I graded out three of his games from 2018 to give you a good idea of how I saw him perform on film. Here’s what I came up with:

vs. North Carolina State: 71

Keke struggled in this game. He is used throughout the season primarily as a defensive end, but I feel as if he is better suited as an interior defensive lineman. His struggle to play outside showed here. His pad level was a concern throughout the game.

I saw him struggle against the double team and was driven off of the line of scrimmage several times in the run game. He was decent when getting after the quarterback, but nothing too impressive.

vs. Alabama: 71

Alabama always has one of the toughest offensive lines in the country, so I knew this was going to be a good test for Keke. One of the most effective pass rush moves that he had in this game was the spin move. He was able to flush the quarterback several times from the pocket and force a bad throw.

A concern I had for him in this game was the use of the hands. I would like to see him use the hands more to defeat the block of the offensive lineman.

vs. Arkansas: 78

By far the best game that I saw him play in. Keke did a great job closing down gaps and moving laterally. His ball get off in this game was better than the previous games.

The thing that he struggles with though is consistency. What I like to see out of a player is one who is going to get the job done play after play. The Arkansas game was a great showing for him. I was starting to have doubts after watching the first couple of films, but I saw the potential that Keke has in this game.

Average: 73

There is potential with Keke. I didn’t like him at all as a defensive end and feel like he would perform better if he was lined up in a 3 technique. Nickel and dime packages would be a good way to rotate him on the field. Pettine could line him up on the interior and let him attack the quarterback.

He’s got a decent rush and can occupy a gap, basically everything you are looking for with defensive lineman in the sub package. Camp will be very important for a player like Keke. I’m confident that Packers defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery will be able to get the best out of Keke.

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