The second practice of training camp was underway this morning on a drizzly day in Green Bay. The team once again was not in pads, but from after hearing press conferences and reports, it sounds like it was a successful day.

Matt LaFleur stated in his press conference that he liked to use multiple quarterbacks in each drill, such as having one quarterback throw to one receiver while the other quarterbacks throw to different routes. I like the idea because it gives reps to the backups and gets the most out of each drill. A coach never likes to waste time or snaps and wants to maximize the efficiency in each drill. This was something I noticed as well in OTAs.

Multiple reporters stated that Jimmy Graham had a great practice, specifically with blocking. This was something I really wanted to hear. I was a little critical of Graham during the end of the season last year. To me, it seemed like in-line blocking was his biggest hurdle. This has got to be something that he has got to nail down in LaFleur’s offense. From what I saw on film from his offense in 2018, LaFleur really likes the use of multiple tight end sets and he uses them frequently to down block or reach block in the zone scheme. This will be something to keep an eye on once the pads come on. analyst Larry McCarren said that he liked what he saw out of the running backs in the pass game, specifically Aaron Jones. LaFleur likes to get the running backs involved in the passing game and use every receiver he can on the field to spread the defense all over the field. This opens up throwing lanes for the quarterback and will allow him more options in his pass progression. Jones is a quick, athletic player who can be used in a number of ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some backfield motion with him into the flats and send him on a route.

DeShone Kizer had a great practice from what I have heard. I think he could be inching ahead to the backup quarterback position early on in the battle.

One thing I liked from LaFleur’s press conference in regards to the weather was when he stated, “This is football. I’m sure we’re going to play in some elements up here in Green Bay.” I love it. Its a mentality that says “Nothing is going to stop us from preparing to be the best.”

The Packers hit the field tomorrow in full pads for practice number three.

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