Michael Carter

Running back

North Carolina

5’8 202

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  • He is FAST, quick, and explosive!, You rarely get all three in on package.
  • If he gets a seem he is gone!
  • His feet are so quick, he makes cuts on top of cuts to get himself space to avoid tacklers.
  • A lot of experience in the passing game and not just out of the backfield.
  • He has lined up out wide as well.
  • Fearless catching the ball over the middle. He will make sure he catches and a take a big hit from a defender and get up as if nothing happened.
  • He catches the ball like a receiver, with his hands out to keep the ball away from the defender and he doesn’t body catch.
  • If a defender catches him in the backfield he has to make sure he takes him down, otherwise he will juke, stutter step, or put some type of move and the guy will end up on the ground.
  • Carter knows how to be patient and set up his blocks in front of him.
  • Hard to see behind the line at times because he is only 5’8 he is able to hide behind his blockers.
  • A very good cut back runner.
  • Because of his compact frame he is able to kind of squirt forward when being tackled.
  • Has shown flashes of being a decent pass blocker.
  • Shows good contact balance on film, as long as he doesn’t take a straight on shot.
  • Shows great vision in reading the blocks in front of him and hitting his gap or finding the cut back if it is not there.


  • Ability to start, stop, juke, spin, etc – He can do that stuff too much instead of realizing there isn’t much there and just getting what he can.
  • In other words, he dances too much in the backfield sometimes.
  • He does have a tendency to bounce a lot of his runs outside.
  • Due to his size, he lacks power.
  • If a defender can get a hit on him in the backfield, he usually goes down.
  • He has never been a bell cow back.
  • Carter has always shared the carries with other backs.
  • His body might not be able to handle that load.
  • Needs work as a pass blocker, he needs to work on his vision and recognition in that role.
  • He rarely tries to stiff arm a defender.
  • Carter still needs more work as a route runner.


Final Thoughts:

He can be used all over. He can be used in the back field, split out, in motion, etc…They could even use him as a kick returner. He would be like Tyler Ervin but 10 times better. He has a similar skill set to Aaron Jones. He is a little smaller so they would have to watch his usage but, Dillon is a high usage back anyway so he would really compliment him well. There are a few things for him to work on, pass blocking, route running, using a stiff arm a little more, not dancing in the back field, etc… if he improves those and gets a little stronger he can be an amazing weapon for this offense. His size does limit his upside a bit, he will never be a #1 back that gets 20+ touches a game; but that’s ok. The Packers wouldn’t need him to be that. Let Dillon get 20ish carries a game and let Carter get 10-15 touches a game on offense and maybe some kick returns and your offense is now ‘all gas, no brakes’

Draft Stock: Rounds 2nd-3rd