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Position: CB

School: San Diego State

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 200lbs

40 Time:

Cone Drill:


225′ Reps:


Kelly is an intelligent athletic playmaker. He was dual threat quarterback recruited as a pure athlete. He began listed as a wide receiver, moved to safety, and finished as a corner. As a corner, he benefits from having played other positions. He has played and thought like a quarterback and wide receiver. He also understands the role of a safety which helps in the scheme of the defense. Kelly is a natural press man corner, and putting all of his past experiences together in the film room and on the field can make him lethal in the NFL; it did with the Aztecs.

Kameron Kelly did not transition from wide receiver to corner because he could not catch. This transition is rare when the player has great ball skills, but it only adds to the many compliments of his game on defense. He judges the ball well in the air which helps him get his hands on a lot of passes. It is very impressive to play all of these positions at a high level and succeed. A credit to Kelly’s success is his technique. He excels in every aspect from his feet to his reads and everything in between. If you factor in his impressive ball skills, it is not hard to see why he is a big time playmaker.


Kelly has to prove he can run with the elite receivers he will be covering. It does not matter how good a player’s technique is if he can not keep up. He will need to test well at the combine and his pro day. Aside from a 40 yard dash, I believe there is a difference between straight ahead speed and football speed. However, some teams are not willing to take that risk to find out. His stock will fall if he does not test well, and he will have to prove himself in camp.

In the NFL, players need to be great at what they do to continue to have a job. My main concern with Kelly is if he is average at multiple things and not great at one thing. If his main position is corner, he will have to dig deep and perfect his craft at corner. He has to decide to use his tools and experiences to his advantage to become better all around at that one position. He has the ability, but he has to decide himself if he wants to be good or great.

How He Fits

The Packers need corners with ball skills. Kelly will instantly fill that need. He has ball skills and the ability to become a playmaker for the corner group. Regardless of the defensive coordinator, the Packers need more guys who can help create turnovers. Kelly brings a unique well-rounded set of skills. Pettine will be able to bring out the best in him, and use him as a weapon.


3rd – 5th

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