Height: 6’1

Weight: 185 LBS

School: North Carolina


  • Explosive.
  • Good overall athlete with good size.
  • Has good hands.
  • Good speed.
  • He has long arms.
  • Will use a stutter step or little juke to get free of the db off the line.
  • Vertical threat on every snap.
  • Plays a physical game even though he is not the biggest.
  • He does a good job of driving defensive backs off the ball to give himself a cushion to snap off his routes because they are worried about getting beat deep.
  • Does well tracking the ball over his shoulder.
  • He gets up the field quickly once he has the ball in his hands.
  • Gets YAC using his speed and physicality.
  • Able to stop on a dime.
  • Knows how to block.
  • He had to block in the offense he played in with Javonte Williams and Michael Carter in the backfield.
  • Knows how to use his body to shield the defender from the ball.
  • Will lower his shoulder to get YAC against smaller DBs.
  • He knows how to sell the deep route and then cut his route to the inside.
  • Good overall route runner.
  • Doesn’t round off his routes.
  • Will use head bobs to shake the db.



  • Lined up almost exclusively on the offense left side.
  • Never lined up in the slot and only on the right side occasionally.
  • Not the biggest wideout.
  • He could stand to add some weight and strength.
  • Not a YAC monster.
  • He won’t juke and spin.
  • Can get pushed around and man handled by bigger physical DB’s.
  • Ifeatu Melifonwu gave him some problems in coverage.
  • Not a burner.
  • Has a bad habit of looking back for the ball too soon.
  • Leaping ability is a question.
  • Has dropped some passes.
  • Does not show a lot of creativity in his route running.
  • Would like to see him work a little bit harder as a blocker.
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Final Thoughts:

His first name should be Dynamic, because that’s what he brings to the field. He is a dynamic play maker. He might be a candidate for back shoulder throws with the threat of his vertical game and DBs having to respect that. Brown was not asked to do that in college, but with Rodgers being so prolific with the back shoulder throw if they developed some chemistry on that type of throw he could really just kill teams with it. He can run any type of route. Would not say he has issues with drops, like say MVS, but he has dropped some that he should have been able to hang on to. He does need to add some strength and some weight, to deal with the physical play he will see in the NFL. He had some trouble with press corners, especially bigger ones. He looks like he has the frame to add another 10-15 pounds before being maxed out. How he runs with the ball kind of reminds me of Greg Jennings. He is going to need time to learn to run routes from every spot on the field like the Packers like. They like their receivers to be versatile. Has the potential to develop into a very good #2 receiver and consistent big play threat.

Draft Stock: Rounds 2-3