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Position: OL

School: Texas

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 320lbs

40 Time: 5.05

Cone Drill: 7.83

Vertical: 34″

225lbs Reps: 26


He is a Technician just Like Mcglinchey, Very good Leader just Like Mcglinchey. Where they differ: Connor Williams has that Elite Athleticism that Mcglinchey does not have.


He has short arms for a tackle, and may need to move to guard as a result. Technique wise, he can’t catch, needs to push. His injury History scares me a bit.

How He Fits

I believe he could be a very good RT, or maybe even an athletic guard for the Packers if they roll the dice on him. It’s hard to say how they view the Injury history though. I am terrified of it, personally. Could he be another Bulaga? Fantastic talent who can’t stay on the field?  I could see the Packers taking a chance on him if he falls to our original Pick in Round 2 and we didn’t go OL in round 1. The talent would be too hard to pass on at that point. I don’t want the Packers to trade up to 33 to pick him or anything, or even Trade back from 14 and Pick him late 1. If he is there at 45…OK. But is Connor Williams even capable of regaining the level of play he reached before his Injury last year in Texas? (Take note of Leg Braces to both knees)


1st Round- Early 2nd Round

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