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Position: CB

School: Auburn

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 203lbs

40 Time:

Cone Drill:


225′ Reps:


Carlton Davis is a big, strong, and physical corner. He really excels in man coverage usually guarding the opposing teams best wide receiver. He has good speed and fluid hips which helps him stay stride for stride in coverage. Good technique helps him stay in phase with the receiver. As he repeatedly puts himself in the right position, it is easier for him to make plays. Sometimes blanketing the opposing receiver isn’t good enough in the NFL. It is a good thing Davis has great natural ball skills to add to his physical coverage. He tends to get his hands on a lot of balls whether deflecting, ripping, or intercepting. He continues his physical style all the way through the catch which may result in more incomplete passes in the NFL.

Davis is a factor in the run game because of his good technique, as well. Good feet and read steps help him react faster to help on the run. He is not afraid of contact, and his size will help with the bigger backs of the NFL. He is a solid tackler, and if he gets a beat on the runner, he will deliver a blow. Davis is a physical corner who knows how to use his size to his advantage.


One very attractive thing about Carlton Davis is his physicality. However, it can be a down fall. He tends to use his hands a lot and be too physical at times. This could leave calls in the referees’ hands, and that is not always a good thing in a pass happy offensive league. His play was acceptable in the SEC, a defensive dominated conference, but the NFL is another animal. I do see him being able to adjust, but how long will the adjustment period take?

Davis mostly played in man coverage with help over top. I would have liked to see more of him on an island or in zone schemes. His speed, good not great, will be tested. I have not seen enough of Davis in zone coverage to say he is a great zone defender. It is important to see his awareness and feel in the other coverages. A corner has to be able to play in different schemes in the NFL.

How He Fits

Davis would bring the Mike Daniel’s attitude to the back end of the defense. He has that same mindset, and he can match it with his physical play. A defense is an extension of the defensive coordinator, and Carlton Davis would tribute to Mike Pettine’s style. With his strong man coverage, he would allow Pettine to be more creative with blitz schemes. The player compliments the coach, and the coach compliments the player in attitude and style. Do not forget, Davis will compete for a starting job day one.


Late 1st – 2nd

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