Each and every year, a bunch of “gurus” and “masterminds” sit around and come up with a bunch of projected drafts they like to call a “Mock Draft”. It’s an attempt to potentially get a few names to match up with the right team at the right time. Frankly, it’s dang near impossible.

And I fricking love it! And I will never ever stop doing it. And I will never ever be right. Well, maybe once or twice. For instance, I nailed the Jason Spriggs pick from last year (There was no way I wasn’t throwing that in this article). The truth of the matter is, is that it’s harder than you’d think. And you can’t really factor the possibility of trades, which are inevitable. So, with that being said, here is my 7-round mock draft for the Green Bay Packers with no trades. Enjoy!


With the 29th pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:
T.J. Watt
,  3-4 OLB, Wisconsin

This is not an attempt to please the fans. This is not an attempt to win clicks. This is just the right move at the right time for the Packers. There’s no doubt the Packers need help on the defensive side of the football. And the only move Ted has made is the re-signing of Nick Perry and the FA signing of DT Ricky Jean Francois. Yeah, I get it. No blockbuster deals. Let’s get back to the draft though. T.J Watt makes all the sense in the world. Sort of. We’ve got Perry and Matthews.

Why waste a 1st round on a position we don’t direly need? It’s a valid question, but one I answer with: Why not? Perry, at best is on a two-year deal. At year three is when the big money comes out and I don’t see him going past that. Clay is clearly a shell of himself. We need the future. Last year’s 3rd round pick Kyler Fackrell will continue to progress. But we will need someone much sooner. Like this year sooner. Watt is explosive and could bring a ferociousness that Matthews once had. The only knock on Watt is that he only had one full season of play in college. Well, he killed that one year. So instead of getting a guy with little experience, maybe we are getting a guy at his launching point. And let’s just be real here. A Wisconsin guy? Yup. A Defensive guy? Yup. A Watt? Yup. That’s 3 for 3. Sign him up!

Other possible picks: S Jabrill Peppers. CB Kevin King. DE Derek Barnett


With the 61st pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

 Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA 

Oh, Happy Day! We got ourselves another corner. And Ted got another player from UCLA! But for the first time, I am OK with it. This kid has a ton of upside. And according to a large chunk of the Packer population we have absolutely no corners. I tend to differ in that assumption because I think that Rollins and Randall just had a sophomore slump season filled with injuries. When we started the year last year we were also excited to see what Randall and Rollins would do. And now we are fully content throwing them in the trash. Not so fast, my friend. Expect at least one of them to come back even stronger than we expected the first time. Regardless though, this secondary still needs depth. The departure of Micah Hyde hurts. But I think Moreau can assume the #3 position as a rookie and play it at a top level. He has incredible speed and showcased in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine. I think we would be talking about a 1st round guy due to his East-West Shrine game performance as well as his electric times at the combine. However, a torn pectoral muscle at his pro day may shy of some teams that were willing to throw a 1st round pick at him. Not sure he will drop that let in the 2nd but if he does…He is it.


With the 93rd pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

Montae Nicholson, S, Michigan State

To continue with the defense, Ted goes back to the secondary and grabs a diamond in the rough with Montae Nicholson. A big, physical safety who has a ton of range. Yes, we have Ha-Ha Clinton Dix and Morgan Burnett. But who do we have after that? And Burnett is up for contract next year. And Ha-Ha is the year after. It’s safe to say that Ha-Ha will probably get another deal this year or next. Burnett, at 29 (end of season), will most likely not be re-signed. A replacement is needed. And it would be fun to put Burnett into his hybrid roll for his last year (similar to Charles Woodson’s final role) and let Nicholson get some snaps early and start that bond with Clinton-Dix. Many teams around the NFL consider Nicholson to be a day one starter. I do too. Pick him up Teddy!


With the 134th pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

 Dan Feeney, G, Indiana

Time to move to the offensive side of the team. I think it’s safe to say that our only real need is the offensive line. We still have a heck of a receiving corps. And the best QB in the league. Try and battle me on it. Ok, maybe we need a RB too. And maybe we will get there. But for now, let’s stick to the offensive line. And what we need is versatility. Because we lost the ultimate versatility in J.C Tretter going to the Browns. Feeney is versatile playing both Guard and Tackle in college. He battled through some injuries in college but nothing significant. He is a beast in the run game and was a steady pass protector. Plus, you could have two guys from Indiana on your offensive line with Jason Spriggs. There is some history there. And that history can be our future. It’s a Ted pick. Lock it in!


With the 174th pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

 Pat Elfein, G/C, Ohio State

This is where Ted gets frisky and goes back-to-back on offensive lineman. To be totally honest I think he trades this pick, but for the sake of the mock I will stick to it. Elfein is a great sneaky pick. And Ted loves to be sneaky. I’m not sure this guy falls to the 5th but if he does, we would be dumb not to grab him. He excels in the run game and is solid and reliable as a pass protector. He’s got tremendous character and a coach’s dream when it comes to work ethic. Elfein has played both Guard and Center and can offer up both to any team. The Packers need guards and he would be a great addition to the line and could join former Buckeye Cory Linsley on the line.


With the 184th pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

 Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida

Is that three offensive selections in a row? You have got to be kidding me! Settle down people. I know defense is the priority here, but we need these pieces. And this kid has that homerun feeling to him. He’s a stand-up runner who has some serious cuts. With Lacy gone and the only true running back on the roster being Christine Michael, this is a definite need. I firmly believe that Ty Montgomery can be a huge asset to this team in the backfield and motioning out of it. But I still think this needs a true running back and Michael doesn’t do it for me. Mack can come in and be a compliment to Montgomery. Mack is a scat back with blazing getaway speed. He’s what this team needs to be as complete as possible.


With the 214th pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

 Corn Elder, CB, Miami

Ted goes back and dips into the cornerback lot and grabs a young project from Miami. Well, maybe a little better than a project. First, it was Sam Shields, who was an undrafted free agent out of The U. Then it was Ladarius Gunter, an undrafted free agent out of the the U. This time around he gets one in the draft. Elder is undersized and most scouts think he will get pushed around. Don’t tell Elder that. Who plays with a boatload of confidence. He’s strong and fast. He is the kind of player you look at, see the numbers, get discouraged, and then regret not taking him because they didn’t measure heart. See Steve Smith, Darren Sproles, and Barry Sanders. Size is a terrible measurement. This kid has the three C’s – composure, confidence and competitiveness. Elder has the instincts and reactive quickness to find his way to the football and his ability to mirror and match gives him a chance to handle slot duties in the NFL.

With the 249th pick in 2017 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

 Ben Boulware, ILB, Clemson

This one may be a little bit of a surprise. And maybe not. But I will be dead honest with you. I love this guy. He is football to the max. Is he a little crazy? Yeah. Does he sometimes cross the line? Yeah. And that’s exactly what I want from my middle linebacker. I want him to be nuts. I want him to be crazy. On the field. He has limitations in the pass game and his lack of speed will negate him from improving on them. He will never be a pass coverage backer. He is your old-school smash ‘em backer. He will run head first and helmetless if needed. He can be Nitchske-esque. And more importantly, he will bring a fire and desire to this defense that, frankly, doesn’t have it.


Final Thoughts:

I get it. I realize that there are guys on this list that may not be available at these picks. I also realize that the NFL Draft is never predictable. Things change constantly. Trades happen. Players drop. Players rise. GM do ridiculous things. And for those reason, the NFL Draft remains my most favorite time of the year. I spend too much time scouting (according to the wife) and I basically shut off the world for 3 days. These mocks are simply a thought. That’s it. Chances are I probably miss every single one of them. And I probably will. But hey, if Mel Kiper Jr. can do it…then so can I. Just enjoy it. And always remember….Da Bears Still Suck (Sanchez & Glennon. Really?)