Seattle Seahawks 10 – 38 Green Bay Packers.

The Seattle Seahawks traveled to the frozen tundra of Green Bay to play the Packers. A game upon which hung the continued tenuous playoff hopes of the Green Bay Packers. The Packers won 38-10 on the back of an embarrassing 5 interception performance by Seahawks quarterback and nano-bubble aficionado Russell Wilson. Just the latest episode in what has become as intense a rivalry between two teams and fan bases as can be found outside of division foes anywhere.

Key Moments

Festive Five
Five interceptions, that’s right. Five. As in one more than four, one less than six (six being the total number of Seattle turnovers). Green Bay has struggled in the turnover department through the season prior to this game with a secondary unable to force changes in possession through interceptions.

All that changed tonight. 2 for Damarious Randall, 1 apiece for Morgan Burnett, Micah Hyde and Quinten Rollins. This unit, finally, has the look of a group with a hot hand going into the final three division games of the season, which the Packers need to win out.

DaVante Dominance
From the third play of the game, this Packers offense was dominant. Receiver DaVante Adams on third and 1, took a route up the right sideline, getting solid separation from Seattle cornerback Jeremy Lane, taking a dagger of a pass from Aaron Rodgers to the house for a 66 yard touchdown.

This set the tone early for what this offense was to do to a Seattle defense lacking injured All Pro safety Earl Thomas. As the Packers offense continued to surgically pick apart Seattle throughout the game, Adams put up over 100 yards and a touchdown on the league’s number 1 ranked defense.

Montgomery Is The Truth
Ty Montgomery was once again the Packers leading rusher, both by total yards and total touches. After Christine Michael was seemingly sat out for a few series following a botched play in which he left the backfield in the wrong direction, leading to Rodgers being tackled, Montgomery got the bulk of the workload out of the backfield, rushing for 41 yards and catching for 45 more.

According to a statement from head coach Mike McCarthy, he’s to be utilised as a running back from this point on, and hasn’t been to a receiver position group meeting in months. Hopefully this means we see more of the creative play calling we’ve seen to utilize what has become a star player on this already star studded offense.

Injuries Galore, Once More
On the second play of the game, Aaron Rodgers pulled up a little, to a sharp inhale of breath from Packers fans. While seeming a little bit gimpy for most of the game (despite commentators Aikman and Buck’s lamentations that he had, in fact, completely died on the sideline) long term indications are that it is less serious than the calf injury that hobbled Rodgers throughout the latter half of the 2014 season. Hopefully this is the case, and the surgical Rodgers, playing MVP caliber football once more as of late, can see the season out in style.

Ty Montgomery Player of the Week Award

For the first time in over a month, the award is finally going back to where it belongs. Ty Montgomery, you are the Ty Montgomery Player of the Week! Putting up almost 100 yards on the strongest defense in football, when not lining up often as a receiver, is no mean feat.

The fact that Montgomery has truly embraced his new role as a running back with such gusto and effectiveness is fantastic. This is the kind of player we want to see on the Packers roster. Tough, determined, and willing to eschew some of the glamour of playing wide receiver to get dirty in between the big guys up front. This is the kind of thing that makes me love football, and why I’m fast developing an intense man-crush on Ty Montgomery.

Totally-Not-Knee-Jerk Reactions

  1. I think it’s safe to say now the offense is back. While they improved and won games against the Eagles and Texans, neither of those teams are legitimate contenders. The Seattle Seahawks however, that’s a different kettle of fish. When the offense can walk through that defense to the tune of almost 40 points, we can declare them finally back! Not only for the points they scored, but in the manner which they did it. The offense had that quick strike, smooth feel we all remember from seasons past.
  2. Clay Matthews’ contract will need to be looked at in the offseason if he continues to underwhelm. While the injuries aren’t his fault, their impact is unavoidable. He’s making a habit of running himself out of plays, straight past the quarterback. When he’s underwhelming against such poor offensive lines as Indianapolis and Seattle, I don’t know if Green Bay can justify paying him up near the top of the linebacker market.
  3. Who is this Mike McCarthy we have seen the last few weeks? Crossing formations, end-arounds with Jeff Janis, exciting and innovative play calling? Maybe the message finally got home that I was displeased with him. Whatever the reason, I’m impressed. I hate that I always come back around on McCarthy, but he always finds a way to remind us that he actually IS a highly successful head coach.