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Packers had more chances than I can count to get the win against the Minnesota Vikings at home, and instead the game ended with a tie.  Which I guess isn’t quite as bad as what seemed like an inevitable loss as the Vikings lined up to kick a chip shot field goal as time expired in overtime.

It’s hard to feel good about what happened today.  But if you would have said before the game that the Packers wouldn’t lose, but instead would win or tie, I would have been ok with that.  It’s hard to win games in the NFL, especially against one of, if not the best defense in the NFL.  The Packers offense looked ok, but again stalled out in the red zone, settling for field goals on five drives.  Too many penalties.  Too many drops.  Too many missed opportunities.  Yeah, we’re going to have to get that cleaned up.

Mason Crosby is a heckuva football player, but when it mattered most, he couldn’t seal the victory for the Packers.  It really is unfortunate because he was so clutch all day long.  But I guess it could be worse, right Vikings fans?

The Vikings are a team that WANT Rodgers injured and Rodgers being able to play and not further injure his knee is a victory in and of itself.  What else can I say about Aaron Rodgers?  Well, I will say this.  That second down zone read in overtime will haunt me for awhile.  Why on earth was Rodgers keeping that ball?  He then proceeds to hyper-extend his knee and fumble.  My goodness.  Not ideal.  I wish they would have gotten Ty Montgomery involved more in the second half and overtime.  He’s explosive and versatile and has proven to be solid in pass protection.  Seems to me like the perfect spot to feature him…

At the end of the day, it’s time to move on.  There are a couple of very winnable games coming up.  It’s time for the Packers to start stacking success.  We didn’t win today, but we didn’t lose either.  We’ve seen some positive wrinkles – the young secondary getting to the quarterback and getting their hands on some balls, Geronimo and Jimmy Graham making plays, special teams rising.  Next week we get another young playmaker back, in Aaron Jones.  This young team has already faced adversity and I think this next week at Washington will show us a lot regarding the make up of our team.

Also – F#@% that call on Clay Matthews.  I’m no fan of Clay’s but what else is he supposed to do there?  He was playing well within the rules.  That play should have been the dagger…  Instead, we were lucky to get the tie.  Lame.