What a time to be a Packer fan.

The Green Bay Packers are currently sitting at 8-2 after a big win over the Carolina Panthers on a snowy Sunday evening at Lambeau Field. Coming in to this game, there was plenty of cause for concern. The Packers certainly didn’t play up to their potential against the Los Angeles Chargers. With the loss behind them, it was time to start looking forward.

This game had so many great story lines. The snowy weather, the goal line stand, and a good day for both the offense and defense are just a few things that made this game so special. As I usually mention week to week, I try never to over-evaluate a win or a loss quickly following the game, but I like to get a feeling for just how good or bad we are feeling after a game. Hopefully this will give you a few takeaways from Sunday’s game and make your Victory Monday a little more satisfying.

  • The first drive of the game didn’t start out well for the Packers. Jimmy Graham had a false start which hurt the rhythm and tempo of the offense. I like to see the Packers get off to a fast, crisp start. Pre-snap penalties have been hurting the offense this year.
  • Man coverage was not kind to the Packers defense. There have been several busted plays in the secondary the past couple of weeks. The Panthers first touchdown of the day came from a rollout pass from Allen against man coverage.
  • The Packers had trouble getting Allen to the ground in the first quarter. You got to hand it to him; he did a nice job evading the rush. The Packers blitz game looked sound, but they struggled at finishing off plays.
  • Aaron Jones had a huge day on the ground. The inside zone run was on point. Jones found the end zone 3 times and rushed for 93 yards. Jones had great vision and acceleration as he hit the gaps.
  • Along with Jones, Jamaal Williams had a big day rushing as well. While he didn’t score, he did rush for 63 yards on 13 carries. Williams had a great impact late in the third quarter. The one-two punch was electric in the second half.
  • Adams was back to his old self in this game as he had over 100 receiving yards and 13 receptions. It was so refreshing to see him healthy and out there making an impact in this game.
  • Preston Smith ended the day with 2 sacks on Allen. The Packers didn’t send many blitzes, but they didn’t really have to. The Packers seemed to get plenty of pressure with only 4 rushers.
  • I didn’t like the call by LaFleur to go for it on 4th down at the end of the second quarter. I know that’s easy to say since we know the outcome, but I’m always in favor of taking the poins, though I don’t blame him. A score there would have been huge. Williams was stuffed in the backfield by McCoy.
  • Tramon Williams, aka the ageless wonder, had a nice pick in the end zone off an Adrian Amos tipped ball. Tramon always seems to be in the right place snap after snap. I don’t think we have realized how much of an asset he is to this defensive backfield. Its nice to have a veteran presence, as well as a player who can make an impact.
  • J.K. Scott has been somewhat inconsistent the past few weeks. He had one punt that was shanked in the third quarter. Scott has streaks of both good and bad punts. It all comes down to consistency.
  • The play action game seemed to be there most of the game. The running game really helped set a lot of that up.
  • The defense did a good job at limiting throws to the backfield. That was one thing that concerned me, especially after last week.
  • The big news of the game was the goal line stand at the end of he game. The Packers defense was able to stand tall and shut down the run. I feel like this defense is still performing at a high level, despite some of the little things that we have seen out of them the past couple of weeks. However, I’m not as high on them as I was during the first half of the season.

The bottom line is that the Packers are sitting at 8-2. They’ll have a much needed bye week as they prepare to take on the 49ers in what is looking to be an epic showdown.

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