The Green Bay Packers fell on the road to the Chicago Bears by a score of 24-17. The game itself really summed up a lot of things that are wrong with the Packers this season, mostly on offense. The offense ended up with 323 yards with Rodgers going 25/42, 274 yards passing, 0 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Adams again lead the team in receiving yards with 119 on 8 receptions. Williams was second in receiving yards with 42.

On the ground, the Packers ran the ball 19 times for a total of 88 yards and one rushing touchdown coming from Jamaal Williams. Aaron Jones ran the ball 4 times for 8 yards before leaving the game with an injury. Rodgers himself ran the ball 3 times for 25 yards. Williams I thought really didn’t have a bad game. One thing that I and many other fans have said is that he is great in pass protection. With more of Jamaal Williams in the game I was thinking that we would see more six man protection. I think he always does well in slide protection, coming up and blocking the edge. With Mack on the edge I knew that the tackles would need all the help they could get.

3rd down has been a focal point for the offense all season. We saw it get better against Atlanta but today the Packers were back to their old ways on offense, going against a much better defense of course. The Packers ended up 5-14 on third downs. This was frustrating to me because third down is a key down that you have to win. Several times we saw Rodgers sacked or flushed out of the pocket.

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The offensive line struggled today, though there was flashes of good play. With both Bulaga and Taylor out with injuries, Lucas Patrick and Jason Spriggs filled in. Spriggs struggled early on going against Khalil Mack. It was a tough job to ask of any tackle. Spriggs needed help on the edge and I was hoping to see more 6 and 7 man protection than we did.

Defensively I thought we saw some good things out of several guys. Lowry and Lancaster both did a good job on the defensive line. I saw them both play a lot of 3 tech which helped.

Martinez looked liked he struggled at times throughout the game. It appeared to me that he was out of position on the first Bears touchdown of the game. The all 22 will tell more.

Alexander did a good job in the secondary as expected. I thought he had a bogus call on the defensive pass interference gave the Bears a first down. He was so quick on his break that he met the receiver right as he was catching the ball.

Clay Matthews had a good game all around. I saw him get several pressures on Trubisky which flushed him from the pocket. Matthews has picked it up in these last couple of weeks.

The special teams had a great play where they sniffed out a fake punt. I thought it would really generate some momentum for the Packers.

With this loss, the Packers are officially eliminated from the playoffs. They have 2 games remaining this season against the Jets and Lions. Follow me on Twitter at @PTTF_ChalkTalk or @PTTF_Ben and check out my film breakdown of this game on both Monday and Tuesday. Check out the site later this week for my Xs and Os article where I got to the all 22 film to take a closer look at this game.