Too Little, Too Late.

The Packers stumbled early and often and found themselves in a 24 point hole heading into halftime Sunday against the Detroit Lions.  It’s hard to win games in the National Football League, damn near impossible when you spot a team a 24 point lead.

This game was ugly.  U-G-L-Y.  The only thing that the Packers consistently did was shoot themselves in the foot, with three turnovers, four missed field goals and eleven penalties. Yeah, read that again.  This is how you lose games to inferior opponents.  This is how you lose games on the road.  This is how you lose games, period.

The offense was terrible…I do not understand why the Scripted Fifteen Plays is a thing for so many teams in the NFL, yet the Packers seem to struggle out of the gate week after week.  There are plenty of playmakers on this offense – starting with the best Quarterback in the league, a top receiver, a dynamic running back, a strong offensive line.  They out-gained the Lions 521-265 on offense.  But again, with the turnovers, the penalties and the 24 point deficit.  It was all too much to overcome.  Fundamentals.  We ain’t got none.

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Once again, Aaron Rodgers was off to start the game.  It is easy to understand that it might be a rocky start without Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison active, but he was missing wide open targets and his throws were once again off-target.  His lack of pocket awareness cost the Packers the ball on two occasions.  Even though he is practicing, he’s clearly not back to 100%.  It’s so strange to see Rodgers struggle, especially week to week like we are witnessing right now.  What else can I say about Aaron Rodgers?  Obviously he’s a heckuva player, but he’s playing average at best right now.

And Davante Adams.  Since being interviewed Week Two and essentially demanding to be considered “elite,” he’s been anything but.  He’s been put in position to make plenty of plays and just has not lived up to his own hype.  He’s dropped and bobbled balls, especially in the redzone. Yeah, we’re going to have to get that cleaned up.  With the rest of our wide receiver core either injured or rookies that Rodgers clearly doesn’t trust, it’s become a glaring problem.

The defense had a much better outing then the score would indicate.  Mike Pettine is clearly making an impact.  The defense is getting stops, making adjustments, stacking success.  They are holding up their end of the bargain, but it just felt like in order to get a chance at the win yesterday, the defense was going to have to actually put points on the board.  Matthew Stafford throws the ball up for grabs plenty and it’s a shame the packers couldn’t get their hands on one and take it to the house.

Those 13 points that Mason Crosby left out there certainly would have been nice, too.  At the end of the day, it just was not the Packers day and it’s getting to the point where you wonder if it is just not the Packers season.  That first half was brutal and I’m hard-pressed to just R-E-L-A-X.