What a difference four days makes! Whether irrational or not, there was a loud group saying blow it up and put Jordan Love in. All hope was lost until Rodgers manifested the power of love for Mike McCarthy and gave him one last blown lead to celebrate their tested relationship. Aaron Rodgers was in vintage form despite having to make a comeback due to surprising drops and fumbled punt returns that no one would ever expect to happen. Bon Voyage Amari!

Despite the drops, Aaron kept going back to speedster Christian Watson, putting the ball in the middle of his chest so he had no choice but to catch it. QB1 was able to excel on limited number of throws and seemed the execution of the offense held a more balanced approach than previous weeks. All wasn’t positive as if it wasn’t for Rudy Ford making splash interceptions, the Cowboys had their way with the Packers defense.

Thursday Night Football will see the 6-3 Titans coming to Lambeau for a battle of underperforming talents. Tennessee recently had QB Ryan Tannehill return from injury which makes them a competitive team compared to the weeks prior where they couldn’t complete a pass to wideouts. Their receivers haven’t had a chance to shine yet with veteran Robert Woods looking to provide reliability and the rookie Treylon Burks who was a draft darling for Packers hopefuls. Let’s not forget about the human bulldozer Derrick Henry which is a scary sight for a Packers defense that has been gutted by running backs.

Aaron Rodgers

Passing Attempts o34 (-119) Higher

Passing Completions o22.5 (-110) Higher

Passing Yards o244 (-107) Higher

Passing TDs o1.5 (-115) Higher

Titans allow a league high 40 attempts a game which is nearly 2 ahead of the next highest. They’re also dead last in yards allowed to QBs. Tennessee is bottom 5 in TDs allowed to be thrown averaging 1.78 per game although they offset that by being able to force an average of 1 INT per game. QB1 is able to put his haters in misery for another week.

Aaron Jones

Rushing Yards o57.5 (-113) Lower

Receptions o3.5 (+116) Higher

Receiving Yards o23.5 (-118) Higher

AJ Dillon

Rushing Yards o33.5 (-114) Lower

Receptions o1.5 (-125) Higher

Receiving Yards o8.5 (-112) Higher

Titans are 2nd in rushing yards allowed to RBs and 1st in TD’s allowed with 0.11 allowed per  game. They are 31st in receptions allowed to RBs and towards the bottom in receiving yards allowed to the position. Jones and Dillon aren’t the normal backs although Tennessee focuses on shutting down ball carriers.

Allen Lazard

Receptions – o3.5 (-139) Higher

Receiving Yards – o47.5 (-113) Higher

Christian Watson

Receptions – o2.5 (-125) Higher

Receiving Yards – o47.5 (-113) Higher

Titans rank 30th in the league in fantasy points allowed to WRs. Allen Lazard as the safety net and new found confidence in Christian Watson can slice a shaky secondary.

Bobby Tonyan

Receptions o2.5 (-145) Higher

Receiving Yards o27.5 (-109) Higher

As the trend continues, Tennessee ranks towards the bottom against TEs, 29th in receptions allowed and 30th in yards given up.


Somehow Green Bay was able to find the necessary plays to beat a quality football team last week. The fortune of back-to-back home games on a short week can’t be understated and regardless of our shortcomings. Coach LaFleur is familiar with the Titans organization and will look to secure a win over his previous team. He wore his heart on his sleeve after the gutty Green Bay showing on Sunday. Last time Tennessee came to town AJ Dillon saw a snowy wonderland and pummeled the Titans like they were two cat burglars in town for the holidays.

Green Bay’s passing game is able to keep the game ahead and take some pressure off the rusty defense. Tennessee is an odd 6-3 team that shouldn’t be taken lightly as Derrick Henry will keep them in this game and when we stare him down is when Ryan Tannehill shines. At least we know punt returns are in a better spot and I can sleep soundly knowing that. Rodgers and LaFleur find a way to call audibles together and Green Bay wins a tight one.

Green Bay wins 27-23

As always it is #GoPackGO