Week 6… what is there to say. If you bleed green and gold like I do, you know exactly what happened on Sunday afternoon, you’ve googled, you’ve seen almost everything there is to see about the right collarbone of Aaron Rodgers. It’s terrible and awful, but the world will keep spinning, life goes on.

QB Aaron Rodgers: 2/4, 18 yards (LEFT GAME, COLLARBONE) (0.7 FPTS)

QB Brett Hundley: 18/33, 137 yards, TD, 3 INT (4.6 FPTS)

Aaron Rodgers got all of 4 passes off before breaking his collarbone at the hands of linebacker Anthony Barr. Brett Hundley came in in relief of Rodgers and had a not so great outing when thrust into action. That sort of line can be expected on road against a division rival with a damn tough defense.

Rodgers Fantasy TrendDOWN – Rodgers will be have surgery to plate the collarbone and afterwards, the decision to put Rodgers on IR will be made. If placed on IR, he would be out a minimum of 8 weeks, putting his return at Week 15, right in the middle of fantasy playoffs. It’s honestly hard to trust somebody, even Rodgers, in a must win game in your fantasy playoffs coming back from an injury like that to his throwing side. If you’re a Rodgers owner, I would wait and see what the Packers do before making a definitive decision. But be prepared to find a backup.

Hundley Fantasy Trend – UP – Only up because of being the backup to now a starter for at least 2 months, Hundley will have the offense tailored to him. Until he gets a bit acclimated, I would hold off on adding him unless you are desperate for a QB. In 2 QB leagues, he’s an immediate pickup, but not startable yet.

RB Aaron Jones: 13 carries, 41 yds., 1 rec., 1 yd., 4 TGT (4.7 FPTS)

RB Ty Montgomery: 10 carries, 28 yds., 1 rec., 3 yd., 3 TGT (3.6 FPTS)

Ty Montgomery returned from broken ribs, with a flak jacket on, to play 20 snaps on Sunday. In those 20 snaps, he did have 11 touches, so he was heavily involved whenever he was on the field. Very encouraging, but he is still healing. Aaron Jones got the edge in touches over Montgomery, but could not make the most of them, which was mostly dictated by the Rodgers injury and game script. With the insertion of Hundley, the Packers will try to lean on the run game a bit more, so I can see this becoming a hot hand timeshare right now to keep both guys fresh.

Montgomery Fantasy TrendUP – With 11 touches in 20 snaps for Monty, he should overtake Jones to get the majority of snaps/touches, but Jones will get a decent share of touches, cutting into the potential of Montgomery in fantasy. As of now, he’s a low end RB2.

A. Jones Fantasy Trend – DOWN – Jones will get his looks and touches, but he will cede a portion back to Montgomery as he gets healthier. He will definitely be involved in the offense however, but not as much as he was in the Dallas game. He’s a borderline flex play.

WR Jordy Nelson: 6 rec., 60 yds., 10 TGT (9 FPTS)

WR Randall Cobb: 3 rec., 28 yds., 3 TGT (4.3 FPTS)

WR Davante Adams: 5 rec., 54 yds., TD, 10 TGT (13.9 FPTS)

The entire receiving corps felt the absence of #12 in the huddle on Sunday. Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson each received 10 targets, the former catching a 2nd quarter touchdown from Hundley. Adams’ day was salvaged by that touchdown, and Nelson had an okay day, not one up to his standards but he was certainly involved. Randall Cobb and Martellus Bennett, however, were basically complementary pieces, Cobb catching all 3 of his targets and Bennett pitching in with 2 catches.

Cobb Fantasy TrendDOWN – A bit concerning to see Cobb only with 3 targets, but with Hundley in, Cob may see his fantasy viability slide. To me, he’s a flex option.

Nelson Fantasy TrendDOWN – Nelson should be started in all leagues, but with Hundley under center, he drops an entire tier to a solid WR2.

Adams Fantasy TrendDOWN – Adams salvaged his day with a touchdown, but there won’t reliably be multiple touchdowns to go around every week for this offense moving forward. Adams drops into WR3 territory.

Bennett Fantasy TrendDOWN 


That says more than I could ever say. He should be owned in most leagues, but especially now with Hundley in, he shouldn’t be starting other than as a bye week replacement until he shows otherwise.

Green Bay D/ST: 23 pts. allowed, INT, FR, (4 FPTS)

Damarious Randall has an interception for the 2nd straight week for the Packers and Clay Matthews picked up a fumble from the hands of Jerick McKinnon for the only notes from the defense from a fantasy standpoint.

Green Bay D/ST Fantasy TrendDOWN – With the Saints heading into Lambeau on Sunday, the Packers are not an advisable start.

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