Another trip to Dallas, another thrilling victory. These games are taking years off my life, but as long as they keep winning, I’ll learn to live with my reduced years on this planet. Tell my children I love them.

We’re breaking all the rules today on One Big Play. We’re looking at three plays, because we’re rebels.

3rd and 8, 0:29 to go in the game, Packers down 31-28. Packers are looking at a 48 yard game-tying field goal if they don’t gain any yards. Seeing as how Mason Crosby had missed two extra points on the day, that thought was making me a little queasy, no matter what he showed the last time the Packers were in Dallas.

Aaron Rodgers [12] drops back to pass and finds the pocket breaking down before he can get to the top of his drop, with Corey Linsley [63] pushed directly back into his face. Lane Taylor [65] is able to drop back and divert Benson Mayowa [93] into the backfield. That opens up a sliver of daylight for Rodgers to escape through, and he takes it.

He is able to get away from the tackles of Mayowa and David Irving [95] and scampers for 18 yards to pick up the first down. This would make a potential game-tying field goal a little less stressful, and kept the door open for a touchdown.

Pay attention to Martellus Bennett [80]. He runs a dig route from the left. When he sees Rodgers starting to scramble, he turns back to block his man. After the initial block, he turns back to make himself available for a pass. When he sees that Rodgers is definitely running, he turns back to block, giving Rodgers as much space as possible to pick up yards and get to the sideline. Heads-up play from Bennett.

That run set up the Packers with a 1st down at the 13 with 0:21 remaining. Rodgers sees a two-high safety look. He knows that Davante Adams [17] is running a fade on the left. Provided Adams gets a release to the outside, Rodgers knows he can throw this pass without a safety being able to get over. It’s good coverage, so Rodgers throws to Adams’ back shoulder. The throw is low and is broken up.

On 2nd down, the Cowboys give another two-high safety look. The Packers keep Aaron Jones [33] back to protect Rodgers this time. Other than that, it’s the exact same play. Fades on the outside, post off the right side and a go route out of the slot. Rodgers throws to Adams again, but puts it higher this time. Adams leaps up, makes a great catch, and gets both feet down.

I’m a big fan of this call. Rodgers knew he had this play on the first attempt if he made a better throw, so he just ran it again. If the Cowboys safeties were aligned differently, I wouldn’t be shocked if he called an audible, but he didn’t need to. It was a big call in a big moment and the Packers pulled it off flawlessly.

A week and a half after laying motionless on Lambeau Field, Davante Adams somehow finds his way back on the field and comes up huge.

Album listened to: Daughter – Music From Before The Storm