With a blowout win over the Seahawks, the Packers are now winners of three in a row. Welcome back to One Big Play. Today we celebrate!

This week, I decided to look at Damarious Randall’s interception near the end of the first half. At the time, the Packers were up 21-3, but the Seahawks were driving. They were at the Packers 40 yard line with less than a minute to go. The Seahawks would be getting the ball to start the second half. Even a field goal in this situation would see the Seahawks only down by two touchdowns with a chance to get even closer on the opening drive of the second half. I’m never really comfortable against the Seahawks, and that definitely held true here. For as well as the Packers had played in the first half, a score here would have set me on edge.

Enter Damarious Randall [23]. He starts the play at the top of the screen. The Packers are in Cover 3 Robber. Without getting too deep into it, Cover 3 Robber essentially means that they have three deep zone defenders, each protecting a third of the field, with one of the deep defenders sneaking down as the Robber role. In this case, Ladarious Gunter [36], Micah Hyde [33] and Randall are the deep 3, while Ha Ha Clinton-Dix [21] is playing the role of Robber. The Packers set it up to make it look like Quarters coverage (the same concept as Cover 3, but with 4 deep defenders and the field split up into quarters), but Clinton-Dix is sneaking down to take away mid crossing routes.

Doug Baldwin [89] starts in the slot off the left side of the line and is essentially running a deep corner route to the opposite site of the field. Baldwin runs right by Clinton-Dix and Hyde doesn’t rotate over. Russell Wilson [3] is flushed to his left but he sees Baldwin seemingly wide open. Wilson throws the ball across his body in a pretty decent spot: Randall is in a good spot to knock down any ball thrown to the outside and Hyde is too far away to make a play on a ball thrown to the inside.

Randall is dropping into his zone, but, with no deep routes to his side, he’s able to see Baldwin coming across the field pretty early. If you keep your eye on Randall, you can see that he’s breaking towards Baldwin before Wilson escapes the pocket. Because of Randall’s recognition and reaction, he’s able to make a beautiful play and pick this ball off.

Kenny Clark [97] gets a right push from the right side and Datone Jones [95] makes a great move to get past his man from the left. Both of these moves force Wilson up into the pocket.

Just watch Randall track that ball down. Again, it’s a great read from Randall to see this, and it’s a tremendous play to close on this pass and intercept it.

If Randall misses this, the Seahawks would have gotten a touchdown here and would have gone into the half down 21-10. Instead, they went into the half down 21-3. This was a huge play.

Randall struggled early in the season, but he has looked great since coming back from his injury. He has definitely made an impact on this defense since his return.

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