How fitting that on the same day the Green Bay Packers sign 1st Round Draft Pick CB Kevin King to a contract, I am here to tell you all the reasons that you should go out and buy his jersey. I am serious. Go right now and buy his jersey. I will still be here when you’re done.

For many fans out there, this was a great pick. It wasn’t T.J. Watt, but it was a great pick (I am not one of those guys). To me, Ted trading out of the 1st round was inevitable. It’s why the Packers organization didn’t host a draft party. They knew they were going to trade out. The amount of true talent was 2 rounds deep. You could find the same value at 10 that you could find at 40. Don’t believe me? Just wait and see.

But enough with the Draft and Ted Thompson. Let’s talk about the guy Ted drafted. The long, lean, pass breakup machine, Kevin King.

At 6’3, Kevin King will enter the NFL as one of the tallest corners in the league. And let’s face it, the Packers entered this draft needing three things: Speed, Height, and Aggression. I am not sure if King hits that third one, but he definitely nails the first two.

The Packers ended the season last year with a number one who started the season as the four or five. Not good. But he played well, all things considered, and he was the only one on the field who could match up with the Julio Jones’ and Dez Bryant’s of the world. And in all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gunter line up across from King to start the season. But that’s a whole other story for a whole other day.

What I am trying to say is now Green Bay has a tall corner who can line up and play man to man against some of these beast, that unfortunately, I see sticking around for a while. Dallas will be a nagging pest for a few more years. Atlanta could be the same depending on how bad that hangover is for them (and that beats any hangover I ever had, and I liked to get down). And then you got Seattle who isn’t very tall, and you could throw in the Giants who I think have had a great off season again with the signing of Brandon Marshall. Needless to say, King is going to be faced with some big, tough, strong wide receivers.

Fact You Can’t Miss: Kevin King didn’t allow a single touchdown in 2016 and just one in his last 28 college games.

Along with his height comes some speed. A rare combination at the position. But the numbers don’t lie. King put up a 4.43 40yard dash time. For his size, that’s kind of crazy. Crazy good. Throw in his 39.5 inch vertical and you start to wonder if he is full human. His speed will be a great asset to this team that lost a true speedster in Sam Shields last year. The fact that Ted could trade down and get a guy that is both fast to fill the Shields void and a guy who can match up size-wise with anyone is pretty remarkable.

So here we are. We wanted a corner. We got one. A tall, fast, strong corner. It will be interesting to see how he responds once the season begins. Because there will be a bevy of eyes finely tuned in on him. And hopefully with the attention set on King, the Randall & Rollins show can get back on the air and start making some plays. The pressure is on them to regain what they had in 2015. I think they will. Shoot, they better or their jobs may be in jeopardy.

I’ll be honest. When the season ended last year, I knew the secondary was a need. Not a dire need, but a need. A lot of fans would have picketed and rioted at the doorstep of Ted after the season for a CB. I didn’t think it was that necessary. I believe that Randall and Rollins will progress and not regress. I believe that Gunter just updated his resume in high fashion. He was nothing short of impressive last year, all things considered. Look at the stats people! And the signing of Davon House was a nice complimentary depth signing. Now we enter the season with, in my eyes, five legit corners and a couple who could be great.

I feel better. Do you?

Projected Starting Corners: Kevin King (Washington), LaDarius Gunter (Miami), Damarious Randall (Arizona St.), Quintin Rollins (Miami of Ohio), Davon House (New Mexico St)