Whether it is official or unofficial, I think it is safe to say McCarthy has secured his ticket out of Green Bay after their loss Sunday night. It is fair to say McCarthy has changed some, and it is also fair to say his consistent, overwhelming flaws outweigh his positive changes. Sunday night was a prime example of both of these things. A lot of his flaws were continuously masked by Rodgers’s greatness, but a 34 soon to be 35-year-old quarterback who just suffered a serious collarbone injury with what seems to be some lingering (or permanent) side effects can no longer mask those flaws.

The first 20 play script for the Packers Sunday night was intriguing. It showed some new wrinkles, it stuck with the run game, and Rodgers was throwing on time with confidence. The play calling was decisive, and it got the Packers to the line with plenty of time on the play clock. The Packers benefited with 14 points. The overall picture could have been a little better. Both scoring drives were ironically 7 plays covering 3:37 for 68 yards and 75 yards, respectively. Other than that the other three drives were two three-and-outs and one four-play drive all covering under two minutes of possession on average. McCarthy even had two timeouts saved for the end of the half, and the Packers had a chance to put together a drive to end the half. The question was, what offense would show up after halftime? The answer, McCarthy’s same old flawed offense.

The Vikings showed new wrinkles on defense that McCarthy made no adjustments to in the second half. Not only were no adjustments made, McCarthy admitted it was the same defense the Patriots and Seahawks ran in the second half. He clearly admitted they played against the same defense and same adjustments for three weeks in a row, and they still have not come up with any of their own adjustments. Instead he reverts back to bad play calling, poor time management and wasting timeouts, and overall bad decision-making especially on third and fourth down. There was no creativity in the second half, and he continues to try to get everyone involved like it is 5th grade flag football.

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Which leads me to a very puzzling question of where has MVS gone? If you are looking for a simple answer look no farther than why it took until week 12 for Aaron Jones to get 20 touches. The quick answer to that is ignorance and lack of creativity. MVS has proven to be a fast sure handed receiver when targeted. I think we can all agree he is not there yet in the route running category and being able to consistently get open on his own. The answer is not keeping him one on one. He needs plays to help him get open or plays that benefit his skill set. He has not even been targeted down field in the last few weeks.

Instead, McCarthy decides to involve St. Brown which matched his heaviest workload of the year with five targets and three receptions. Again, he ignores a serious threat in MVS and lets him struggle while trying to get another player involved. This is the Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones situation. It is not that Williams and St. Brown aren’t good enough or shouldn’t get some targets; it is that Jones and MVS are a bigger threat and deserve more attention, more targets, and they help give you the best chance to win.

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McCarthy benefited from a very talented team in his early years. He had the players all over the field to be successful. That is no longer the case, and he continues to try and pound a square peg into a round hole. The last few years have been clearly indicative of what kind of coach he is, and to live with the same average results and the same flaws would be Einstein’s exact definition of insanity. Let’s not forget before being handed the keys to the Green Bay Packers, McCarthy was the OC of the 32nd ranked offense in the league.

Everything in this league continues to evolve. It is a league that is constantly changing, and if anyone can’t keep up they will be left behind. The Packers can not put up with the average results and underperforming year after year. They have one of the best quarterbacks ever, and they need to do whatever it takes to get as many super bowls as possible while he is here. McCarthy needs to go for the sake of Rodgers, this team, and the organization.