The Green Bay Packers training camp is about a month away, and I could not be more excited. Training camp, to me, is the sign that football season is officially back. This will be a fun year to watch at camp, as many positions will have depth and we could potentially see a lot of interesting battles for positions. I’ve talked at length so far this offseason about the defensive positions, but in this article, I want to focus on the offensive side of the ball and one player in particular: Geronimo Allison.

Allison has been an interesting player to keep an eye on over the past couple of seasons. He’s mostly been a rotational player, but I feel like with how the roster is set up so far that he could contribute significantly this season if he stays healthy. The thing that I like about a player like Allison is that he is flexible. Coaches can find places all over offensive formations for him to line up. Looking initially with what he has, one would be inclined to assume that he would fare best as an X receiver. An X receiver is the receiver closest to the boundary, lined up on the line of scrimmage. In balanced 2X2 formations, I could see Allison on one side with Adams lined up on the other side. It would be a good way to keep defenses on their toes with two solid players lined up on the boundary. With both Allison and Adams as vertical threats, defenses would be forced to play more cover 3, leaving zones open underneath. This opens up a lot of short crossing routes, such as slants, drags, and hitches.

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 Allison is also a player who could do well from the slot position. With the loss of a reliable target like Randall Cobb, Allison could be a good fit for the position. From what I saw on film, he could do a solid job with quick outs and bubble screens, two things that we’re sure to see in Matt LaFleur’s offense this season. After watching the film on LaFleur’s pass game last year in Tennessee, I noticed that he favors the horizontal pass attack. Early in games, he wants to establish the horizontal game and then test the defense with a deep vertical attack. Allison could factor in well to the horizontal pass game and bait defenses enough to free up a player vertically.

As we’ve seen from the Packers in the past, LaFleur likes to run pro sets from time to time. What I consider a pro set is one back, the flanker and tight end lined up to the same side of the formation, and a twins look to the backside. LaFleur could line Allison up in either the slot or as the flanker. Most of the plays that I saw him run incorporated motion from the flanker in order to get defenses to shift and the offense could catch them out of position. One thing that I really didn’t like about Mike McCarthy’s offense was the lack of motion. Motion has got to be utilized on most plays. This is why you will see offenses like the Rams or Patriots use a lot of motion. With Allison lined up at the flanker, we could see a lot of drags and crosses with him. I feel like one place Allison thrives is getting yards after the catch. He has a great ability to haul in a pass and look for yardage. Because of his athleticism, he can make guys miss. That’s something that has been missing from this offense. 

What it all boils down to is that the Packers still have holes in the offense, primarily at the slot. Allison has all the tools to be successful there. I feel like that would be the best fit for him. LaFleur has the opportunity to get the best athletes on the field every play. In this day and age where the passing game is so important, you have to find playmakers that can get the job done in the passing game. I think Allison could be a player who can have a successful year if he stays healthy.

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