The Green Bay Packers 100th season could not have started worse.  Down by 10, and facing another third down, Rodgers was sacked, his left leg bending awkwardly and in that moment, the 2018 season seemed to slip right away.  It was all too familiar.  And all too terrible.  And then I sort of blacked-out.  Up until that point, I was diligently and anxiously taking notes to make this article, my first of this nature, something special, well-thought out, smart.  But then football happened.  Kizer.  Mack.  Mack again.  And again.  And again…fade to black.  OR MAYBE NOT.


Just an incredible effort.  Epic.  Miraculous. HEROIC.  But seriously.  It was.  He is.  Not until there was no time on the clock did I believe that we were going to win this game.  But he convinced that entire team of the opposite.  And then did it.  WHO IS THIS MAN?  I’ll tell you what, he’s a heckuva player, possibly the best ever.  But he did not act alone.  Of course Rodgers will be the story, but there were a lot of guys that stepped up.  Jamaal Williams had a huge blitz pick-up.  Haha Clinton-Dix had a monster tackle on third and short.  Nick Perry finally getting some real pressure on Trubisky to seal the victory.  Geronimo, Davante and COBB!  Tonight speaks volumes to just how valuable Cobb is to this team, both on specials teams and as a target for Aaron Rodgers.

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It’s hard to win games in the NFL.  Especially week one.  Trailing by 20 in the second half.  And when veteran players, *cough* Clay Matthews *cough* commit idiotic and unnecessary penalties.  But we got this one.  And it’s not soon to be forgotten.  Whatever “test” Doc gave Rodgers before returning in the second half sure seemed to do the trick.  Hopefully Danica is driving home…Lord knows that I am not to be trusted behind the wheel right now.  GO PACK GO!


This is my first time writing this weekly piece.  I’m so excited about it, using McCarthyism’s to guide my way through an emotionally charged reaction piece.  But to be honest, I blacked out there for a while, stopped taking notes and stopped caring, after Rodgers went down.  I promise that I will be better next week.  Thanks for reading.