In a rough week of polarizing views, the world  has been divided by conflicting issues. Should Gutey have paid a 2nd for a Will Fuller rental or did the defense deserve more additions? Would a wide receiver fix the fact Green Bay’s rush defense is as trustworthy as early polling?

Green Bay embarrassed themselves with a home loss to the bottom feeder Vikings who ran directly up the heart of the defense over and over. Last time we saw that kind of one dimensional drubbing was at the hands of Thursday’s opponent, the San Francisco 49ers.

The NFC Championship game was a sign of the glaring weaknesses on this team as the 49ers only needed to attempt 8 passes en route to a 37-20 win. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams were still productive in that game despite struggling in the regular season meeting.

Unfortunately for this meeting, the entire game is in question with a COVID breakout costing significant losses for each team as the Packers lose their top two RBs in Jamaal Williams and AJ Dillon in addition to ILB Kamal Martin. San Francisco will be without their top trio of receivers Kendrick Bourne, Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel. All parties are not positive but merely in close contact with positive cases and therefore required to be out 5 days from team activities which it just so happens to be on the short game week.

Outside of Covid, this star studded game will most likely be without Aaron Jones and David Bakhtiari again. Meanwhile in their loss to a Seattle, the 49ers suffered jarring injuries to QB Jimmy Garoppolo and Bobby Tonyan’s best friend George Kittle.

So there’s hope. Green Bay’s abysmal performance Sunday should be a spark to clean things up. We just witnessed a let down performance a few weeks ago against Tampa Bay only to bully around a beaten horse in Houston the week after.

The Jekyll & Hyde Packers are sure to be eager to get a win against Matt LaFleur’s comrades in the San Francisco coaching staff. San Francisco has survived injuries at QB, RB, WR & TE over the last few years and seen consistent results out of replacements.

High Expectations


I’d consider this the only trustworthy two to perform on Thursday. With Tyler Ervin as the premier Packers RB it’s hard to expect the running game to be instrumental to the success of this team. Rodgers was politically correct in not publicly slandering front office for not bringing in weapons at the trade deadline.

Feels obvious to those watching that MVS and Equinameous St Brown have been given plenty of floundering opportunities. With all the drops and bad routes, figure Rodgers relies on his golden goose and continues to force the ball to Adams. Davante had 9 catches for 138 in the NFC Championship game and is coming off a 3 TD performance on 7 catches accumulating 53 yards.

Rodgers:  245 yards and 2 TDs

Davante Adams: 8 catches for 110 yards for 1 TD

Rodgers will rely on Jace Sternberger and Bobby Tonyan to be integral for the Packer offense to be successful Thursday. They will have to operate has de facto wideouts while being relied upon to seal running lanes for subpar running backs. Rodgers has utilized both near the redzone although SF is top 5 against TEs

Low expectations

All RBs

San Francisco’s tough defense is number 1 against RBs and don’t see that changing with the limited talent available

Lowest Expectations

MVS, Equinameous St. Brown, Run Defense


Green Bay is fortunate to catch the 49ers with dire injuries but the true story will be who overcomes their positional losses. Can the Packers run the ball without anyone of value? Will the 49ers be be able to throw without their top 4 pass catchers? Previously, San Fran hasn’t needed to throw to beat the Packers so if Green Bay can’t stop the run it’s going to be a long night.

Ultimately it’s Aaron Rodgers vs Nick Mullens and although QBs aren’t the only ones responsible for team success. I’ll always take Aaron Rodgers with a chip on his shoulder.

Green Bay wins a stinker 20-17

Go Pack Go