Each week the optimism wains and the collective prayers things cannot get any worse than the current results. Was losing to a 1-win Detroit Lions team our rock bottom? Sure Green Bay was flooded with injuries on the Ford Field turf. Granted, a full team wouldn’t have saved the Packers from their offensive ineptitude. Seems to be two sides; either you’re in the camp of Rodgers isn’t seeing things clearly or the inexperienced pass catchers are not giving him viable looks. If only it were that easy. Somehow both appear to be accurate and Green Bay is their own worst enemy. Does that mean they can turn things around or are we already considering the draft implications of winning?

Unfortunately for Green Bay, the rest of the schedule doesn’t get any easier. Their next opponent pits them against the Dallas Cowboys in America’s Game of the Week in the afternoon slot. Beyond the national spotlight is the return of Super Bowl winning Head Coach Mike McCarthy. As much loyalty and love that Mike has for Green Bay, he will sure have his boys ready to shine.

Dallas enters Week 10 fresh off the bye with a 6-2 record and tied for 2nd in their division and chasing Philadelphia for the top spot. Dallas has a plethora of talent with Ceedee Lamb, Zeke Elliott and Tony Pollard to splash against a haggard Packers defense. Meanwhile their defense has the ravenous dog in Micah Parsons who will make our entire offensive line look sillier than it already does.

Even if Green Bay overcomes season ending injuries to Rashan Gary and Eric Stokes as well as banged up starters throughout the team, they will have to play well beyond the level we’ve seen over the last five weeks.

Aaron Rodgers

Passing Attempts o34.5 (-122) – Higher

Passing Completions o23.5 (+108) – Higher

Passing Yards o230.5 (-114) – Higher

Passing TDs o1.5 (+120) – Higher

Dallas is Top 10 in points allowed to the QB. Averaging 32 attempts against with 21 completions. They’re top 4 in passing yards allowed with just over 200 yards per game. In addition to limiting yardage, the Cowboys allow an average of 1 passing TD per game which is 3rd best in the NFL. With the Packers expected to be playing from behind, Rodgers has good chance to best those impressive averages.

Aaron Jones

Rushing Yards o49.5(-130) – Higher

Receptions o3.5 (+110) – Higher

Receiving Yards o23.5 (-126) – Higher

AJ Dillon

Rushing Yards o38.5 (-117) – Lower

Receptions o1.5 (-143) – Higher

Receiving Yards o9.5 (-118) – Higher

Dallas excels at holding RBs to low scoring days. They rank 5th in the NFL in points allowed to the position. They are Top 5 in TDs allowed by RBs, receptions, receiving yardage and receiving TDs to the position. They have yet to allow a receiving TD by any running back to this point. The only way RBs have found success against Dallas is accumulating yardage.

Allen Lazard

Receptions – o4.5 (-136) – Higher

Receiving Yards – o54.5 (-114) – Higher

Allen is sure to carry the load with the Packers receiving group falling apart via injuries. Sammy Watkins and Samori Toure are the beneficiaries of the opportunity. Samori showed plenty of promise late in the game and has some breakaway speed to make splash plays.

Bobby Tonyan

Receptions o3.5 (+100) – Higher

Receiving Yards o33.5 (-126) – Lower

Dallas ranks 2nd against the TE position. They allowed 1 TD so far while they rank Top 10 in yards allowed to the position with an average of 39.88 yards per game allowed. The bright spot is they average 5 allowed catches per game to TEs which Rodgers will need a safety blanket.


Mike McCarthy coming to town to remind people he helped build Rodgers just as much as Rodgers helped him. The loving narrative of rekindling friendship seems odd when the relationship felt like an ugly split. Luckily for Coach Mike, he has the better offense, defense and probably special teams which is going to be nearly impossible for Green Bay to overcome. Losing at home is sacrilege and LaFleur needs to find a way to highlight the offensive genius we’ve built him up to be. Stagnant weeks are one thing but a half of a season with very little continuity or creativity is going to crush our season at the mid-way point if we don’t figure this out. Dallas has all the tools, talent, and momentum to beat Green Bay. Rodgers being stellar against Dallas in his career doesn’t have a lasting impact when the performance of the season doesn’t indicate we have MVP Rodgers still at the helm.

Green Bay sputters to a 3-7 record losing 30-17 at home

As always it is #GoPackGO