Lambeau was a ruckus advantage last weekend with the home crowd finally able to make its presence. Not sure the noise was a direct result of the excessive touchdowns, beers or the slapping of signs on the empty benches. Either way, cya never Los Angeles! Packers are one game closer to their beloved Lombardi Trophy. First is up is Sunday’s NFC Championship thriller, the Packers second in a row. The bay is shaping up to be a chilly paradise today for the headliner between two of the NFL’s best throwers of all time.

Aaron Rodgers’ MVP arm is going against the threatening defense of Tampa Bay. The contrary is Tom Brady versus the Packers thriving defense. Aaron Rodgers versus Tom Brady is a Super Bowl worthy matchup. Aaron Rodgers finally gets a home NFC Championship with his offense rolling. Matt LaFleur has been brilliant with his game plans and involving multiple weapons. Green Bay’s running game has a dogfight on their hands this week with the return of Vita Vea and the nasty Buccaneers front line. A strong commitment to the game plan is monumental against a defense that is going to make mistakes with their aggression. My confidence is at an all time high as the Green Bay Packers look to be a freight train headed for Tampa Bay.


Aaron Rodgers/Davante Adams

He has said publicly that the earlier matchup doesn’t reflect the current playoff matchup and his recent form promotes confidence in his ability to dismantle any coverage. Tampa Bay’s premier athletes can close windows quick but as we saw last week Davante can torch even the best in the league. Rodgers has consistently learned from his mistakes and no reason to doubt the MVP’s going to have a day against the Buccaneer defense allowing the 12th most points to QBs. Tampa Bay will be heavily downgraded if Antoine Winfield Jr doesn’t go as he heads in with a questionable tag.

Aaron Rodgers: 320 Yards 3 TDs

Davante Adams: 9 Catches for 105 yards 1 TDs

Aaron Jones

Tampa Bay is 2nd best in the league in points allowed to RBs. Typically that would mean a rough day for Aaron Jones but he has shown most useful in a variety of ways. LaFleur’s offensive genius will surely fire Jones and the other two bulldozers in relief but its hard to deny the momentum that Aaron Jones can strike at any moment. Tampa is in the bottom of the league for receptions allowed to the position. Jones will supplement his output via the passing game.

Aaron Jones: 45 yards 1 TD and catches 5 passes for 65 yards

Bobby Tonyan

Guy was built for touchdowns and will inevitably haul one in. May haul two in if Winfield sits out. Tonyan has become a reliable receiver against any defense and has shown to be an integral part of the weekly offense.

Bobby: 4 Catches for 55 yards and 1 TD


None: Pack kicks so much ass that its all feel good confidence going into a potential Super Bowl run. One game at a time but this Green Bay Packers team is playing on their terms in the hallowed grounds of Lambeau. Tom will challenge the Packers defense even though he’s missing one of his multiple weapons in Antonio Brown. The Buccaneers offense has an incredible supporting cast around Tom Brady and its clear the Tom Brady factor has everyone believing they can win. Its just too bad that Tom’s new sidequest has to be snuffed by Aaron Rodgers pursuit of a 2nd ring. Aaron Rodgers is focused on the now and winning each game in front of him.

Rodgers secures the NFC title with a 28-23 Win and pushes the Pack onwards

Super Bowl or bust